Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

PolyPeptide is the Ultimate Partner for all Peptide Manufacturing Projects

The Swedish subsidiary of the PolyPeptide Group is a major supplier to the continuing growth in peptide therapeutics worldwide. It has been estimated that the company at large, with six GMP manufacturing units in five countries, delivers a major portion of all outsourced peptide drug substances worldwide.

As a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for peptides and peptide related molecules, PolyPeptide offers state-of-the-art facilities for undertaking both large-scale and smaller scale projects. Recent developments, including the successful incorporation of a new production site in Belgium, show that the company builds on its reputation as one of the world’s most trusted and preferred partners for peptide manufacturing projects.

Broad Service Offering for Peptides
The PolyPeptide manufacturing site at Malmö, Sweden, has extensive know-how and experience of advanced therapeutic peptides for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary applications. Together with its sister-sites in Belgium, France, India and the USA, the Swedish site delivers one of the world’s most comprehensive manufacturing and supporting services relating to peptide drug substance.
To maintain its broad service offering for synthetic peptides and peptide related molecules, the Swedish site has scaled up its manufacturing both by employing more experts on site and developing even better manufacturing processes. Lean thinking and the application of lean concepts are constantly applied in pharmaceutical manufacturing and PolyPeptide never stands still with constant innovation and the adoption of new practices within the regulatory framework.
The acquisition of the latest development and manufacturing unit in Braine L’Alleud, Belgium, has greatly enhanced the capacity throughout the group. The acquisition was completed in early 2017, and the last three years have been intense while all manufacturing operations and supporting functions have been aligned to PolyPeptide Group standards and practices. Significant investments in key manufacturing assets have been made, including new large & mid-scale Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis capabilities.

Neil Thompson, Senior Director Business Development Europe, commented on the acquisition and subsequent successful integration and called it “a unified transition with core-expertise and capacities that complement our existing know-how, resources and manufacturing foot print perfectly. With continued expansion across the group we will confirm our status as the ‘go-to’ peptide CDMO for all challenging & innovative peptide candidates who will deliver to defined project and manufacturing goals.”

Visible at the front line
Peptides are widely used for developing therapeutics in many areas. Later developments include treatments for diabetes and obesity. Even therapeutics for rare diseases, as well as various forms of cancer are currently investigated using peptides.
The next step for the PolyPeptide Group will be to expand the company services on a wider market and supporting the expansion of peptide therapeutics with more candidates entering clinical development for new indications and treatment areas. Overall – PolyPeptide will be visible at the front line of development in peptides and related areas worldwide, as the Ultimate Peptide Partner for any peptide project.