Mån 4 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Precision Engineering for Improved Quality of Life

Precision engineer, Ulf Johansson, helps companies with innovation and making of precision instruments and medical devices, including prototype manufacturing and quality control.

Ulf Johansson has been a precision engineer for 35 years, working at places like Hasselblad and Nobel Biocare. In 2013, he decided to focus whole-heartedly on his consultancy firm.
”I had established Johansson Technology AB in Kungälv already in 1995, to support development projects in surgery, instruments and analysis at Chalmers and Sahlgrenska,” he says.
Being a very competent precision engineer he likes to use his competence to improve the quality of life for people. During the years he’s worked beside surgeons in many projects aimed to develop new, better, instruments that are easier and safer to use, both for the surgeon and for the patient.

Improved Treatment for Crouzon Syndrome
He has, for instance, helped the well-known surgeon Claes Lauritzen at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital to develop a new, much less invasive, method for treating Crouzon syndrome. It’s a condition in which an infant’s skull and facial bones fuse early or are unable to expand. Typically, surgery is used to prevent the closure of sutures of the skull from damaging the brain’s development.
”Lauritzen’s method, on the other hand, is based on bone-growth, where expanding metal bars fastened on the skull slowly regenerates the bone,” explains Ulf Johansson.
One of his current projects concerns a distinguished mechanical manufacturing company.
”I will support and guide them in their efforts to enter the medtech market, not least to make their production processes comply to the strict regulations controlling manufacturing of medical technology components,” he concludes.