Sön 5 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Pursuing intelligent thrombosis prevention

Each year, 17 million people worldwide die of conditions caused by thrombosis (blood clots). The disease is a leading cause of global death and disability.

CERENO SCIENTIFIC, a Gothenburg-based company founded out of research from the Wallenberg Laboratories at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, is committed to intelligent thrombosis prevention. The innovative biotech is developing novel therapeutics to strengthen the body’s own clot-busting system and to boost its ability to defend itself against dangerous blood clots.
The global market for thrombosis treatment is estimated at over USD 20 billion. Current therapies on the market focus on inhibiting the platelets or the coagulation system. Usage of these anti-thrombotic drugs, so-called “blood thinning” therapies, are connected to an increased risk of bleeding and low efficiency due to lower dosing levels, which are necessary to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Sten R. Sörensen, CEO for Cereno Scientific, explains the innovative approach, ”We are focusing on stimulating and increasing the production of the body’s own blood clot dissolving substance. This acts like a preventive sprinkler system and it showers over an early stage clot in a blood vessel – before the clot becomes big enough to block the blood flow. This normally happens automatically when a blood clot starts to form, but for patients with a high clotting risk, the body’s clot-busting sprinkler levels are very low.”

The active drug substance that Cereno Scientific has identified has been used for over 40 years in the clinic to treat other conditions. This gives the company an advantage, since nearly half a century of well-documented history means that no traditional multiple-year pre-studies need to be done to demonstrate the safety of the compound. Cereno Scientific is now developing a re-formulation of this substance, CS1, for optimal clinical benefit for its new usage as preventive therapy against blood clots.

”Cereno Scientific has developed very well since it was founded in April 2012,” says Klementina Österberg, CEO for GU Ventures and board member for Cereno Scientific. ”Besides advancing an exciting scientific rationale and progressing a robust clinical development program, with the recent over subscribed introduction onto the stock market, we have also secured an appropriate ownership platform for future development of the compound and the company.”