Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Quality vs Transport Cost – YSDS Guides You

Specialty logistics with high demands doesn’t have to be expensive.

“Our mission when it comes to shipping is to handle the full scope of each delivery, as well as to guide and help the customer to strike a good balance between risk and cost. We show that specialty logistics with high demands, such as time-critical, clinical trial, or cold-chain logistics, doesn’t always have to be expensive. Since we always use the solution that fits the clients needs best, one might say that we give you more bang for the buck!” says Michael Treschow, Director of Your Special Delivery Service A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS) provides Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance and extensive industry experience of the best and most cost efficient transport alternatives, correct documentation, handling and qualified packaging for all kinds of goods. For the life science industry it typically involves time critical, sensitive materials, like blood and high-risk samples, requiring temperature control solutions. But it can also be advanced and fragile medtech equipment, be they desktop devices or big CT scanners.
Not seldom, the best solution for the client is also the most cost effective.
”Flexibility for us means that we consider the logistical conditions in each case and adjust the service to our client’s best. The client gets to choose from several modes of transport where quality and safety are weighed against cost. Sometimes, the best option is to use express delivery. In other cases it might be more beneficial to involve an agent, while in a third case commercial flights are to prefer,” says Michael Treschow and adds:
”This is how ’Big Pharmas’ work so why should research companies and small and medium-sized enterprises do otherwise? Why pay for braces and straps when the dragons don’t?” he asks rhetorically. ”You always have the opportunity to do so, but it’s important to know that there are alternatives. In a clinical study, for example, the transport costs typically account for 1-3%. Let’s say the total budget for the study is SEK 100 million. It means that if your transport costs land closer to 1% rather than 3%, you may save up to SEK 2 million.”

Integrated Offices in Öresund
Headquartered in Stockholm, YSDS has a strong presence in the Nordic region, is represented in seven countries and collaborates with agents world-wide. In the Öresund region, the company has two fully integrated offices with both Danes and Swedes, one in Copenhagen and one in Malmö.
All their offices have staff certified for handling dangerous goods, such as pathogenic material and dry ice. The staff is educated in risk assessment and the company works by the Medical Products Agency’s guidelines for GDP compliance. Another way in which they ensure high quality and reduce risk is that they only work with trusted forwarders with a low risk profile.
”Our staff handle every consignment as if it was their own. Should a problem arise, our professional and well-educated staff doesn’t leave the office until the problem is solved. All consignments are trackable and we continuously update the customer on the latest, and upcoming status of their delivery. Besides, we handle every product like it’s the cure for cancer, because sometimes it is,” states Michael Treschow, who invites everyone interested in their services to meet up at the Nordic Life Science Days in Copenhagen and Malmö in September 12th to14th. ”Or just give us a call, you can always reach us!”