Fre 1 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Reach further with the right skills

In the new labour market, permanent employment is more often replaced by temporary assignments. This includes all employees who are interested in a freer assignment, whether self-employed or employed by a consulting company. A Society brings the best of the best together.

A Society is a gathering place for the most skilled consultants, whether they belong to a consulting company or are self-employed. Over 1300 consultants are employed through A Society on assignments around the world, in various industries such as automotive, bank and financial services, civil services and life science.

The challenges of a translational industry
Life science is a very translational industry where many different skills meet. More often than not there is advanced specialist expertise in chemistry, biology, IT, natural sciences, business development and research – all gathered in the same company.
“The complex organisational structure and the nature of life science business requires in-depth expertise, with professionals that are flexible and can collaborate in translational teams. A Society understands that challenge and can help companies in life science to develop further with the right skills available at the right time”, says Karolina Schiötz, Business Area Manager Life Science at A Society.
Ideally, A Society works to maximise the benefits in the variable labour market, both for consultants and clients. “Our job is to help both consultant and client with the perfect match. “We work according to a transparent and simple model. We offer a community of consultants, stable financial transactions and a contact person at A Society that really knows the company as well as the consultant. This creates added value and a strong personality in all we do”, Katarina Schiötz continues.

Making life science a priority
Through a stand-alone gathering place where competence and confidence are focus, A Society can always choose the person most suited for the assignment. The consultants receive developing assignments that help build their careers, while clients receive advanced solutions and specialist expertise. Through strategic competence supply, A Society can help customers reach the desired position and goals.
“Life science is a priority area for A Society and we are developing our ability to help our global customers with local delivery of senior specialists. Together with specialists in our offices in Europe, North America and Asia, our Business Area Manager Life Science Karolina Schiötz will ensure the success of our customers – both locally and globally”, says Thomas Goréus, CEO and President A Society.