Tor 20 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Remarkable journey from small-scale workshop to full system manufacturer

Gothenburg-based MAN Energy Solutions is a global hub of know-how when it comes to both development and manufacture of cryogenic gas solutions. With a workshop in Arendal on Hisingen, MAN Energy Solutions benefits from the proximity to key customers globally.

Systems for increased sustainability and more climate-friendly solutions are part of the new strategy within the global MAN Group. The new company name MAN Energy Solutions, which was adopted almost a year ago, signals this while at the same time communicating the benefits with improved environmental performance.

Manufacturing gas fuel systems
“We have made a remarkable journey from offering only spare parts to ship engines, through the development of a service workshop in Gothenburg, and now on to establishing our development and manufacturing of gas fuel systems at the heart of Gothenburg”, says Roger Göthberg, Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions in Sweden.
The fact that MAN’s cryogenic expertise resides in Gothenburg is no coincidence. Through the acquisition of performance-oriented cryogenic know-how company Cryo, MAN gained access to world-leading expertise in the area.
“For several decades, Cryo has developed technology for safe and efficient storage, transport and handling of cryogenic liquids such as marine LNG, and we inherit this massive advantage now. Under the common brand MAN Energy Solutions we have a strong offer for both marine and land-based applications”, Roger Göthberg continues.

Aiding transition to sustainable
For vessel and transport owners who want to start their transition to more sustainable alternatives, MAN Energy Solutions is an important partner. More than half of the world’s vessels are powered by an engine from the MAN Group, and keeping close proximity to the customer to ensure trouble-free operation and support during the entire lifetime of the vessels is the key to success.
“In the transport sector, as well as in the manufacturing industry, downtime is associated with enormous costs. Thanks to the expertise available within MAN, we are available close to our customers, regardless of where they are in the world. We make sure that engines and gas systems work over time and that is our main competitive advantage”, states Roger Göthberg, previously being active in roles within the market and development of companies distributing LNG in the Nordic region.
Early on in his career, Göthberg realised the opportunities in aftermarket and service.
“Having a good solution from the beginning that works over time is naturally better from a sustainability point of view. That is how we work within MAN”, he adds.

Just right on time
MAN Energy Solutions employs just under 100 people in Gothenburg, of which 25 work with aftermarket and service activities. The global organisation is known as MAN PrimeServ and is available in about 120 places in the world. What is unique about the Swedish unit is that in addition to the ship engine and gas turbine markets, it also offers aftermarket services for the cryogenic operations.
“We will strengthen our presence in Sweden and the Nordic region to give our customers the closeness and expertise they deserve. This is something that we will inform the market about during Donsö Shipping Meet this year”, says Roger Göthberg, who is looking forward to being present in person during the event on Donsö.
There is a cluster of companies in the Gothenburg region that is at the forefront of the development of more environmentally smart propulsion systems, both for ships and the vehicle segments, and therefore the latest investment in aftermarket services within MAN is just right on time.