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Research is translated into commercial success at Medicon Village

Medicon Village in Lund is an important hub for life science-oriented companies, research and innovation in Sweden and is at the same time a vital part of MVA, Medicon Valley Alliance.

Today, Medicon Village is home to over 80 organisations; also including for example the Region Skåne Biobank, the Regional Cancer Center (RCC-Syd); Lund University and European Spallation Source (ESS). There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the area that affects all companies, organisations, academic institutions and research centres setting up business in Medicon Village.
Lund has a strong heritage with decades of internationally recognised cancer research. Medicon Village is successfully developing into a cluster of cancer research and innovation, attracting companies in diagnostics and treatment as well.

Small business with big company benefits
“We are very satisfied to have Alligator at Medicon Village. We believe that their presence motivates other companies to set up business here”, says Kerstin Jakobsson, Executive Vice President at Medicon Village.
“There are many other examples of interesting and forward-striving companies here at Medicon Village, of course. Genovis is one of them. Their subsidiary GeccoDots recently launched a new product intended for the preclinical market for medical imaging. Yet another example of how research is translated into commercial success”, continues Anette Orheim, Communications Director at Medicon Village.
“What we do here at Medicon Village is essentially providing the small business with the benefits of the big company”, Kerstin Jacobsson points out.

Cluster of cancer research
In order to create a better basis for cooperation between academic research and the life science industry a vast relocation progress is taking place within Lund University. A significant number of researchers have moved into Medicon Village.
“Previously, all members of staff with a connection to cancer research have been spread all over the campus. By initiating the move, we aim to emphasise that we are concentrating and focusing even more on cancer research here in Lund. The move also gives us better opportunities to build long-term relationships with potential partners in Medicon Village”, says Carl Borrebaeck, program director of CREATE Health, centre for translational cancer research at Lund University.

Healthy mix of companies
Lund Life Science Incubator (Lund LSI) is a regional business incubator which moved into Medicon Village over a year ago. The move has granted the incubator with extensive resources, including well-equipped laboratory facilities open to all its companies.
“The move has in many respects meant a new start for Lund LSI. We have been able to further develop our successful concept. Start-up companies are now able to stay with us for up to six years. After this time, they will be offered an opportunity to integrate into the collaborative environment of Medicon Village”, says Dan Mogren, Director Business Development, Lund LSI.
The Incubator’s services are offered to product developers and service providers alike. It has shown to be a successful strategy. Lund LSI is now hosting 25 highly competitive life science companies, all focused on successful growth.

Setting the perfect example
The Lund LSI has capacity to take on some 40 companies in different start-up stages. Clinical Laserthermia Systems (CLS) and SPAGO Imaging are two examples of successful start-up companies, focused on the Oncology market, that recently have left the incubator process. Both companies are now publicly traded companies.
CLS has developed a new treatment for solid cancerous tumours, Immunostimulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy (imILTCLS), focusing on local tumour destruction and systemic immune activation.
SPAGO Imaging conducts research and development in the nanomedicine field with focus on diagnostics and treatment. The company has successfully developed SPAGO Pix, a novel tumour selective MRI contrast agent based on its nanomaterial IonXgel. The SPAGO Pix portfolio also includes opportunities within cancer selective drug delivery for improved cancer treatment, as well as additional MR imaging indications.

International from day one
Both CLS and SPAGO Imaging are perfect examples of how research-oriented start-up companies can develop within the Lund LSI environment and then meet the global market as pioneers in their field.
The start-up companies are international from day one at Lund LSI and the incubator’s mission is to give businesses a more competitive growth position on the international life science market.
“The mission is shared by Medicon Village which operates in an even broader aspect of the life science field. Long term, our collective work is about finding more competitive solutions improving growth within the entire life science industry in Sweden”, concludes Dan Mogren.