Mån 8 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Sahlgrenska Science Park – Catalyst for Collaboration

With the new Board in place, Sahlgrenska Science Park, incubator and business park, is ready to gear up its operations of empowering West Sweden’s life science cluster.

Sahlgrenska Science Park (SSP) has been around since 2004. Situated at Medicinareberget, close to both Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, it constitutes a platform for business development of life science companies.
It works on behalf of Business Region Göteborg, Västra Götaland Region, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, with the aim of strengthening West Sweden’s innovation system within the life sciences and currently houses some 50 companies.
”We give new companies and projects the opportunity to work in a nurturing environment, close to the clinics. SSP offers flexible office and lab space and support in areas such as business development, internationalisation, and financing, as well as access to corporate services from preferred partners. They also gain access to solid experience in the life science field and a large contact network in many areas – both within Sweden and abroad,” says Marianne Dicander Alexandersson, the new Chairman of the SSP Board of Directors.
SSP works closely with their incubator companies. Together, they determine customer needs on various markets and establish the relationships necessary to ensure the company’s growth and development right from an early stage.
”We look forward to collaborate with other science parks in the region, for instance with Lindholmen Science Park, in common areas such as e-Health,” she adds.

Park Annual’s 10th Anniversary
One of the great values of SSP is that it’s a neutral platform that can act as a catalyst for collaboration between parties and/or stakeholders, and Marianne Dicander Alexandersson, and the rest of the new Board, including Pam Fredman, Vice-Chancellor of University of Gothenburg and Stefan Bengtsson, Vice-Chancellor and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology, would like to achieve greater inter-disciplinary collaboration.
”Collaboration is a pre-requisite for development,” Marianne Dicander Alexandersson comments, and points out that she would like to see both big and small actors within life science becoming part-owners of SSP. ”It would create even stronger ties in a branch of business where the ability to create common platforms for innovation and networks becomes all the more decisive for competitiveness.”
One of the meeting places established by SSP is Park Annual, which is West Sweden’s biggest meeting place for life science, attracting approx. 400 participants every year. In 2015, the event celebrates its 10th anniversary on September 17th.
The new developing project of Sahlgrenska/Medicinareberget is welcomed by SPP since it will give more businesses the opportunity of establishing in the strong cluster.
”It will give us the means of creating the physical meeting place necessary for us to develop our business park and business support services. It’s totally in line with our long-term goal of empowering the life science cluster of West Sweden and provide growth opportunities for life science businesses in the region,” Marianne Dicander Alexandersson concludes.