Mån 4 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Sahlgrenska Science Park Catches Interest from Abroad

Potential tenants and investors alike are becoming more and more interested in Sahlgrenska Science Park, who aims at becoming one of the leading life science parks in Europe.

”Yes, that’s our vision! We’re already running an internationalisation programme in cooperation with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, and we’ve witnessed an increased interest in the US for European companies. So, I believe we’ll soon have our first tenant from outside Sweden,” says Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park since January 2016.
Also on the home front Sahlgrenska Science Park is catching more interest.
”We’ve now reached a critical mass in deal flow, which makes us a more interesting partner for investors,” she comments.

First Neutral Platform in Gothenburg
Sahlgrenska Science Park was the first neutral platform for development of and collaboration between life science companies and other stakeholders in the Gothenburg area. And since the start in 1997 it has grown substantially.
”There are now approx. 60 companies in the science park, 16 of which are in the incubator process, and many more taking active part in one of our acceleration programmes” says Charlotta Gummeson.
With the new Sahlgrenska Life facility with 90,000 sqm of space in total, which is planned to be built at the Medicinareberget, the capacity of the science park will increase further.