Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Scandinavian CRO Expands in the Nordic Countries

This year, the full-service contract research organisation Scandinavian CRO reached yet another milestone by establishing in Denmark. The company is now represented in all four Nordic countries.

Scandinavian CRO is a full-service contract research organisation headquartered in Uppsala. The company has years of experience in running, as well as staffing, clinical trials in many therapeutic areas.
”We offer tailored solutions designed to address each customer’s specific needs. We’re a thriving company that takes pride and joy in helping customers be successful,” says Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa, CEO of Scandinavian CRO (SCRO), which she founded in 2007.

During the last couple of years, SCRO has been growing rapidly and established in Finland, Norway and in 2016 also in Denmark. The company now has 27 employees.
”We’re in an exciting phase of expansion and have recruited several new key roles in the company. We also continue to strengthen our statistics and data management department.”
The Nordic market is currently experiencing a growth within Medical Device, especially in Sweden and Denmark.

”We’ve raised our staff’s competence in this field in order to meet the increased demand for studies of medical devices and of products combining medical devices and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We’ve also adapted our Standard Operating Procedures so that they now cover all segments,” Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa comments.
”With the regulatory and monitoring demands constantly getting tougher and stricter, we also see an increased need of our services in investigator initiated studies,” she adds.

Extra Committed to Cooperation
Another tendency is that risk based monitoring is increasing, which demands more of soft skills among the CRO staff.
”Communication, feedback and risk analysis are all important aspects of what we do and what we deliver. Our ambition is to be a partner to our customers, not just a supplier of services. Our long-lasting customer relations prove that our personal engagement gains our customers as well.”

Scandinavian CRO is extra committed to cooperation. One of their collaborative projects is the EU project ’Beta-JUDO – Beta-cell function in Juvenile Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity’, a project initiated by Uppsala University and a European Collaborative Project of the Seventh Framework Program. The aim of Beta-JUDO is to identify novel strategies reducing insulin hypersecretion in young obese individuals.

“We’re proud of being a part of this important project”, Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa concludes.