Sön 14 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Science Village Scandinavia – Pioneers in sustainable urban development

The future Science Village Scandinavia is an initiation of a three-party collaboration between the key players Lund University, City of Lund and Region Skåne. The ambition is to create a growth-generating, creative environment in the 17 hectare area owned by the three key players, located between the European Spallation Source (ESS) and the new Max IV Laboratory in Lund. Both ESS and the synchrotron Max IV Laboratory have made the Öresund region highly visible around the world, above all highlighting Lund as birthplace of the next generation scientific development.

There is no doubt in that the operations of the two facilities ESS and the MAX IV Laboratory will bring even more attention and attractiveness to the Öresund region. Lund University, City of Lund and Region Skåne have taken this opportunity to create a whole new environment for further collaboration. Goals are set high as the new Science Village Scandinavia is formed with intentions of creating a world class platform for future developments and innovations in science.

The infrastructure of Science Village Scandinavia
The role of the future Science Village Scandinavia is ideally to become an important infrastructure supporting the new and unique facilities Max IV Laboratory and ESS. Together the three parties shall form an exciting and creative world class research and innovation village, as well as an international area for sustainable urban development.
The goal is to develop one of the leading centres in the world for research and technology transfer, in close relation with today’s societal needs for better and more efficient materials. The basis for this work is the Plan Structure presented by COBE/Rambøll Architects in July 2012.
“We are in the midst of the process of structuring the area, which means that we are currently in the process directly preceding the development of a project plan that will form the basis for the construction that will, if all goes according to plan, commence in 2015”, says B G Svensson, CEO Science Village Scandinavia AB.

Creative venues
Science Village Scandinavia will consist of a set of buildings dedicated to research originating from Lund University and other universities as well as companies related to innovation and research. A Science Centre and a Business Centre will be present, as well as well-equipped premises for laboratories, administration, service and accommodation.
In addition, there will also be service functions such as restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms and other spaces for recreation and culture, and further-more a variety of various creative venues.
”We are of course intending to attract both national and international researchers from universities and research institutions. Another important target group is comprised of industrial players wishing to allocate their activities closer to academia and above all with access to the resources here at Max IV and ESS”, B G Svensson continues.

Excellent facilities for future innovations
Science Village Scandinavia will be a pioneer in sustainable urban development and a source of inspiration through its connection to science, technology and innovation. The vision and goal is to create a city district with focus on science, renewable energy, public transports and recycling as well as a stimulating green urban environment providing excellent facilities for future innovations to be developed in.
One of the main future objectives is to attract partnerships with industry by facilitating the access to neutron and X-ray sources to regional and international potential industrial partners, as previously highlighted by B G Svensson.