Mån 8 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Seizing opportunities across borders

The Medicon Valley region is a hotbed of all sorts of life science product development. Until now the region has been renowned of its many drug development projects but the Valley also offers other innovative life science projects in the fields of drug delivery systems, medical devices, dietary supplements, as well as products for animals such as food supplements and veterinary medicines.

The Medicon Valley region is abundant in research and product development activities. Many of these projects rely on external expert consultancy to guide for at cost-effective development process. This fact led to the establishment of the consultancy business Xenia Pharma in 2011.
“Initially, my mission as a consultant was to focus on providing advice regarding preclinical pharmacology including the use of translational models”, explains the founder and owner DVM Ph.D. Dorte Gram. “However, we have experienced that our consultancy is requested by and can benefit other types of projects, including drug delivery systems, medical devices, food- and feed supplements. Especially products for animals seems to be a growing niche that is in great need of the type of support and services that we offer”, explains Dorte Gram.

Advice based on scientific facts
Xenia Pharma offers evidence based scientific advice as well as support in the form of contract research. “What we offer is a way of securing the products, whether it be pharmaceutical drugs for treating animals or human, dietary supplements or related products to enhance our general health”, Dorte Gram explains.
Xenia Pharma essentially offers advice based on scientific facts. Dietary supplements and feed supplements are regulated differently compared to pharmaceutical drugs. However, the nature of the products is very much similar to any pharmaceutical drug. In order to raise interest and enhance the value of the product, documenting the efficacy, safety, and quality of the products can be valuable.
“We have extensive knowledge in searching and evaluating literature as well as knowledge of the regulatory guidelines. We are therefore able to identify gaps in the development process or to suggest further relevant characterisation of the safety or efficacy of for example dietary supplements”.

Opportunities across borders
Dorte Gram started her career at a large pharmaceutical company, like many others in her field. She has extended her network continuously and with experience from both worlds; Big Pharma at one side and small, innovative biotech companies and contract researchers at the other, Dorte Gram is now on the verge of establishing a biotech company alongside Xenia Pharma.
Although Xenia Pharma officially is a Danish company located at COBIS in Copenhagen, Xenia Pharma has also been present in Sweden at Medeon Science Park, Malmö since 2012.
“I personally live in Sweden and was offered an office space in the Medeon incubator so for practical reasons I accepted that. It has however been a tremendous experience to see how positively Medeon acts to support new companies in the first and difficult phase after establishment and I am deeply grateful for their support. In spite of the challenges in terms of costs to cross the bridge the different tax- and regulatory systems in Denmark and Sweden, I have decided to establish my new biotech company (diabetes drug development) here in Sweden”, says Dorte X. Gram.