Mån 4 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Service engineers with flair

Service provider N4 continues to expand in collaboration with leading innovators and corporations within Life Science. Initiated by former employees of AstraZeneca, N4 has quickly made progress throughout Biovation Park in Södertälje and Medicon Village in Lund.

Medicon Village, just like Biovation Park, is a hub for innovation and development within Life Science and related industries. N4 was founded to support laboratory operations of scientific and technical companies. There is a need to perform a wide range of tasks for a laboratory to run smoothly. These tasks are not value adding activities for the company. N4 has the capacity and knowledge to perform such Scientific Services.

Having the right capacity in the right place
What is it that N4 can offer to boost the value of client processes?
“Our business is built on close interactions with companies in our vicinity, more specifically companies operating here at Medicon Village. We make sure that they can go about their daily business in a smooth and trouble-free manner, by delivering basically everything they need to become more agile and efficient. This means that we practically handle everything from calibration of advanced measuring instruments to the set-up of entire laboratory environments”, explains Paul Hasselgren, Head of Scientific Services at N4 in Lund.
It is simply all about freeing one of the most valuable resources that companies have; time, so that the right capacity and qualifications are used in the right place. An over-explicit example would be to have a PhD researcher perform the task of sorting mail or similar. Tasks like these are what N4 can take care of, and the researcher can instead devote his time to develop new drug candidates for instance.

Why N4?
N4 offers support, servicing and maintenance of laboratory equipment, also taking care of ordering, re-stocking, and even outsourcing of research services. Thanks to an expansive network of trusted partners and subsidiaries N4 can not only build an entire laboratory, but staff it as well.
N4 also designs entire operations and maintenance plans so that the client never has to worry about whether the equipment really works, or if data is reliable based on the tools available. N4 ensures that the entire laboratory is up to standards.
“The underlying idea of what we do is that the customers should never have to pay too much for operation and maintenance, our goal is to always focus on minimizing operational cost. And this is exactly why any forward-striving scientific developer should choose to collaborate with N4”, says Paul Hasselgren.
N4 has grown constantly ever since the company was established and has been awarded the Di Gasell Award by Dagens Industri in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Partner in growth
Considering current developments at Medicon Village and other Life Science clusters in Sweden, the question is what kind of future N4 is likely to meet.
“There are many ways in which our clients can influence what kind of expertise we will employ, as our business concept is to provide a full-time service that streamlines their businesses. In summary, it can be stated that through our role and our services we have become an asset to every client, in that we evidently cut their costs and increase productivity. We will continue the development of our core competencies and remain a partner in growth for companies in innovative environments such as Medicon Village”, concludes Paul Hasselgren.