Mån 2 okt / År 41 / Nr 3 2023

Solving a big challenge

Large-scale pharmaceutical research and development often rely on multinational expertise. A substance that has been developed in one nation may well be tested by a sub-contracted test center in another part of the world. Therefore, it is important to have specific expertise ensuring a global perspective from day one. The major challenge with this approach is to relate to the laws of different countries. This is where NordicBiocube makes an entrance.

Global cooperation is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Although the aim of any pharmaceutical development project is the same in all countries, laws and regulations differ.
“Saved samples, handled with ethical and strategic expertise, could help to save money. Solving issues that otherwise might occur further on in a project will help to create value, either by granting the go-ahead or closing a project lacking the capacity to reach the market. Essentially, the owner of the project should be able to prove that the biological material has been handled properly throughout the entire chain of development”, Gun Persson, CEO and co-founder of NordicBiocube explains.

Making science safer
Gun Persson, with long experience and skills related to different areas in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, established NordicBiocube. Collaborating with reliable people possessing the necessary skills in the present area is crucial in order to generate expertise for specific cases.
“Swedish pharmaceutical developers generally have a prominent position when it comes to proper handling of biological material, but globally there are several challenges to be met. This is why we have made it our motto to make science safer”, says Gun Persson.
NordicBiocube’s mission is thus to secure the process from concept to development and testing, and finally during the final stages in the launch of new drugs. The entire process refers to strategic and operative planning, handling, labeling, storage, tracking, and finally disposal of biological materials and samples.

Valuable investments
NordicBiocube offers a complete package of services for handling, labeling, transport and storage of biological samples. It is one thing to transport materials from one site to another within the same nation. It is quite another to ship the material abroad.
“To save samples and handle these correctly also has a purpose in itself. Whereas some samples are not helpful in a current study, they may well be of use in another. Then it is even more important that samples are handled properly so that they can be used in the future. Biological samples should therefore be seen as a valuable investment”, Gun Persson continues.

Eliminating hazards
There are many players in the market offering secure storage and transportation of biological samples.
“We differentiate ourselves by offering support for making the most out of biological samples over time. We help to identify hazards and eliminate them. We cover the entire chain focusing on traceability. This means that companies lacking the capability of building and/or maintaining the whole process in-house are able to get the necessary support, including the entire chain of services related to correct handling of samples, from us. That is why we started our business and that is how we aim to proceed”, says Gun Persson.