Tor 7 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Solving all problems on time every time

Oresund Drydocks is one of very few shipyards that are left in Sweden. There are no newbuildings at the yard, but it still has a key role to play in keeping client vessels sailing. Oresund Drydocks is a one stop shop when it comes to ship service and repairs, no matter the ship’s type, size or origin.

Sweden still has a say in the matters of global shipping. Although most of our shipyards are gone, the traditions and knowledge of an entire trade remains. It is with these traditions, and with this knowledge, that Oresund Drydocks can continue business as usual. Even expanding its business, if the time is right and the market is up for it.
“Oresund Drydocks is the only shipyard in Sweden that can still receive large ocean-going vessels of 200 meters and over. We have successfully preserved the capacity and knowledge for those operations here in Landskrona, and it is of utmost importance that we can keep and above all strengthen our business over several decades to come”, says Anders Larsson, Vice President at Oresund Drydocks.

The last of its kind
Being the last of its kind in Sweden, Oresund Drydocks faces a great challenge when it comes to keeping ahead. However, few if any other shipyards in the northern European region can compete when it comes to competence and in-depth knowledge. Oresund Drydocks takes pride in a great set of problem-solving skills, where the aim is to solve any problem, at any time, and especially on time.
“We have never missed a deadline. Even when faced with the most complex issues, even when our client has arrived late, we have finished on time. We are well aware of the importance of keeping ships sailing, it is not just something we say, it is in our blood and how we live and breathe”, states Anders Larsson.

Bigger is better?
Global shipping trends point to bigger, heavier vessels with massive cargo loads. Although a bigger vessel uses more fuel, the total consumption per cargo unit is less. The trend is not just in favour of the economy in shipping, but also favouring the environment as modern, large vessels are cleaner than the smaller predecessors.
“Oresund Drydocks is the only shipyard big enough for servicing these modern vessels. So, in this context I would say that bigger is better. However, our organisation is small enough to keep slim deadlines and a fast decision-making process. All in favour of our customers”.

Supporting Swedish shipping
Anders Larsson finally underlines the pressing need for supporting Swedish shipping all the way, which Oresund Drydocks is an important part of.
“Almost the entire Swedish trade is dependent on shipping. Over 95 percent of all goods imported and exported to and from Sweden make their way over the sea. To not support shipping in Sweden makes no sense at all”, says Anders. In conclusion he adds; “It is our main goal to serve our customers so that they can keep sailing, but we must also look closer to home and take care of our heritage. This is more important than ever and this is why we look forward to meeting up with the like-minded at the Donsö Shipping Meet”.