Tor 29 feb / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

SP Wood Technology disseminates knowledge to boost developments in sustainable wood construction

Trästad 2012 comprises a number of measures and activities aimed at improving climate-smart building. The regions of Kronoberg, Dalarna, Västerbotten and Västra Götaland, are the driving forces of the nationwide project. At the same time as Trästad 2012 was initiated in 2008, three Swedish universities formed a special academy for wood construction (Träbyggnadsakademin) in close collaboration with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

With the academy as a mutual platform for collaboration, SP, Luleå University of Technology, Dalarna University and Linnaeus University now continue the work in order to obtain a constant accumulation of knowledge where results of new research are presented to industrial partners in wood construction.

Driving force of development
SP Wood Technology has a strong presence throughout Sweden. The organisation embraces a large number of research areas. Creating conditions for sustainable development and boosting industrial competitiveness are among SP Wood Technology’s main commitments.
With extensive experience in the field, SP Wood Technology is a driving force of the development of sustainable construction in housing, real estate and robust designs such as bridges.

Boosts positivism in wood construction
One of the core activities at SP Wood Technology is to spread knowledge about the benefits of wood construction. Knowledge of different construction techniques and planning processes suitable for wood, based on research and development, is distributed via SP throughout the network of partners in Trästad 2012.
Per-Erik Eriksson, responsible for the work at Träbyggnadsakademin, underlines the need for different players, from different fields, to collaborate within the network. “We have had several very successful seminars during the project course. We are especially pleased that the events are so well attended by industrial players, which is important for creating momentum for wood construction”.

Research strengthens business
Overall, SP stands for objectivity and the aim is to make available research that strengthens society and general economy at large. SP Wood Technology covers all aspects of the sustainable construction process; including the development of new building systems, metrology and process control systems for the wood industry. In addition, the organisation has access to laboratories for conducting research and development within the wood and engineering industries.
Wood has many advantages as a building material. In addition to great benefits when it comes to the building process; with high efficiency and good working environment, building with wood also has a positive environmental impact.
As a renewable resource, wood is carbon neutral. It starts by binding the carbon dioxide present in the ambient atmosphere as the trees are growing, storing it for the entire product life cycle. Finally at the end of the product’s life, through energy recycling (combustion), the wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it stored throughout the years.
By substituting other materials such as steel, concrete and aluminum, wood construction is a major contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The bio-based cities of the future
SP Wood Technology has already conducted research for at least 20 years concerning industrial wood construction suitable for apartment production. Plans of future projects in order to take advantage of the large biomass available are already underway.
“In a not so distant future we may be discussing the establishment of a bio-based city, where buildings and energy supplies are made up by bio-based raw materials such as wood”, Per-Erik Eriksson ventures.
An increasing interest in wood construction technology makes a huge difference to the sustainable societal development at large. SP Wood Technology is planning to urge development forward; a development that should be done in close collaboration with academia and industry.