Ons 29 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Stena Line expands into Shipping Logistics

Stena Line is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Also long-established as Europe’s primary passenger shipping organisation, with the highest number of routes and departures, Stena Line now takes the next step in developing the business with a new department of Shipping Logistics. Shipping veteran Peter Kleberg, previously the Marketing Manager of North Sea RoRo and before that Route Director at DFDS, has taken on the role as Head of the new department.

The recent venture in Shipping Logistics is a big and important step for Stena Line on the way to a broader transporting concept, covering everything from passenger travel to industrial cargo management. With attractive services in Shipping Logistics, Stena Line plans to write longer and larger contracts with prominent players in the European industry.
“The aim is initially to become a direct partner these companies. We expect larger volumes on all or at least most of the 22 routes that we operate today. There is also a strong desire and motivation to develop new routes in accordance with the market needs and we call this Broadening Buisness”, Peter Kleberg reveals.

Passing on the Stena spirit
Stena Line is known worldwide as a strong passenger shipping company. The strong entrepreneurial spirit that has founded the Stena Sphere is now ready to be passed on to the new business area of Shipping Logistics.
Peter Kleberg is managing the new organisation that is based on Stena Line’s existing hubs in Sweden, the Netherlands, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Poland, the Baltic countries and Germany. Most of the region’s strong industries, such as Pulp and Paper, Automotive, Retail and Steel, make up the client base at the preliminary stage.
The team currently consists of six carefully selected members with experience, all working closely with colleagues across the entire Stena Sphere.

Everything to gain
There are several opportunities and benefits in shipping when compared to many other forms of transports. Transporting industrial cargo over sea ensures a capacity that is hard to match with land-based alternatives. The high capacity and safety are probably the biggest benefits, along with the environmental benefit with fewer emissions. Stena Line’s route network is in fact one of Europe’s largest, linking key ports and road connections across Northern Europe.
“Our service is available 24 hours a day, all year round. With maximum availability, we are able to solve even the trickiest of logistics problems without delay. Stena Line has everything to gain by emerging in Shipping Logistics”, says Peter Kleberg.

Better services and higher capacity
The well-established routes from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn and Gothenburg to Kiel are among Stena Line’s largest routes in terms of volume. For Shipping Logistics, Peter Kleberg is also expecting an increase on the routes to Latvia acquired by Stena Line last spring.
“By acquiring the lines from Germany and Sweden to the Baltic countries, we increased our presence in the Baltic Sea. Our ambition is to continue to develop the new business of Shipping Logistics to provide customers with both better services and higher capacity. I am most certain that we will be successful”, Peter Kleberg concludes.