Tor 20 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Supporting gentle ventilation of newborns

About 3 to 6 % of newborns require manual ventilation support to start breathing. Up until now, manual ventilation is rarely monitored, and it is up to the caregiver to estimate the volumes given trusting his or her expertise and experience. Considering that both under- and overventilation can seriously damage the lungs and brain, a well-documented solution to support gentle ventilation is most welcome.

Monivent was founded in 2013 by two neonatologists and one researcher in lung physiology who turned to students at Chalmers University for help to develop a product for manual ventilation of newborns. The idea was to improve the way respiratory support was given within the very first minutes of a baby’s life, ensuring that the amount of air given is well-monitored and tailored to the baby’s needs.
Ever since, Monivent has developed a unique solution where the airflow is measured directly in the face mask and feedback on the ventilation parameters is displayed numerically and graphically in real-time on an external monitor.

Market launch of the first product for clinical use
In July this year, Monivent CE-marked and launched Neo100, their first product for clinical use. Since before, Monivent provides Neo Training, a product to improve simulated ventilation training on manikins. The first units of Neo100 where delivered to clinics in France and Austria to be used in studies for marketing support together with clinical partners. Karin Dahllöf, the CEO of Monivent says: “We are incredibly happy to now have a CE marked product ready for use in the delivery room. It is a huge step for us being able to pass yet another of the milestones we communicated before the listing of the company on Spotlight Stock Market. We will now conduct studies together with leading neonatal centres in Europe. When these studies are completed, we look forward to the introduction of Neo100 in selected markets where we have already experienced great interest from potential customers”.

Sales through distribution partners
Monivent will set up a distribution network to sell their products and they recently signed an evaluation agreement with a German distributor for distribution of the product Neo Training. The company has a similar partnership with several other distributors in Europe and in Australia and all distributors are selected to be able to also take on Neo100. Karin Dahllöf comments: “We are very fortunate that we have found partners who are happy to sell our products and are the market leaders on respective market. As we are first with a solution to support ventilation in the delivery room and as we are in a niche market, it is vital for us to engage key opinion leaders and work with important research groups who want to see change and who will hopefully spread the word for us. Our partners have these contacts already and will be of outmost importance for our success when introducing Neo100”.