Ons 24 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Swede Ship proves that Sweden is still great for ship building

With three well-equipped ship yards along the West Coast of Sweden, Swede Ship serves a large and growing market where everything from authorities to private companies are represented. The Coast Guard, the Navy, the Sea Rescue Society, several coastal municipalities as well as private shipowners are recurrent customers.

Swede Ship started building ships 1894, and celebrates 125 years in the industry. Some of today’s customers have been dedicated to the company almost as long. Today, the three shipyards under the reign of Swede Ship are responsible for developing and building a comprehensive range of boats that are used both in rescue and surveillance operations and in commercial contexts, such as passenger ferries for instance.

Safety First, as they say
The market is very dynamic with its ups and downs, but with both official government and commercial segments, Swede Ship can maintain a strong and growing business. This is in total contrast to most other ship building yards in Sweden, so what is it that makes Swede Ship different?
“The three yards and our different business segments complement each other in a very good way. We have knowledge and experience from very diverse areas, which means that we can deliver exactly what the customer wants and at the time they wants it. We usually say that we build boats for safety reasons, and it is a slogan that fits well with the fact that we deliver to customers such as the Navy, the Coast Guard and the Sea Rescue Society”, says Swede Ship CEO Bo Axelsson.
Swede Ship has its own design- and construction department and can thus guarantee a very high customisation in any vessel. Skills in development and design will, in addition to new construction, also benefit in various types of service assignments at all three yards, especially if there is a need to upgrade or convert vessels. For Swede Ship, the world is exclusively about building and upgrading quality boats that last over time. Safety First, as they say.

Current production high
Swede Ship has about 80 employees in total, most are working at the Djupvik yard, which is also the oldest and where newbuilding in aluminium and steel takes place. At the shipyard in Hunnebostrand, around ten people work primarily with newbuilding in composite. Service and maintenance is carried out at all locations including Nya Varvet in Gothenburg. During production peaks and with major service commitments, the number of employees can be stepped up considerably thanks to great partnerships.
“We are on a production high right now, partly because there is always a lot to do during this time of year. The boats that have been in operation during the winter must be serviced now, and we have also received some exciting projects in newbuilding”, Bo Axelsson reveals.
Today, everything is about efficient operations with minimal environmental impact. Swede Ship has made many engine modifications and this work will continue as more and more shipowners are trading up for a better environmental focus. As an example of new technology Swede Ship will deliver its first fully electric driven ferry in June 2019. The future is looking bright for Swede Ship, and with better, cleaner technical solutions the environment will benefit as well.