Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Swedish implant technology at its very best

Osstera was born out of a desire to provide sophisticated dental implant products at a competitive price. Cutting costs does not mean cutting corners on quality or precision, quite the contrary. Osstera is a small company with great capacity, a slim and smart organisation of professionals sharing the same goal: to provide the very best implant products based on Swedish quality and research.

Over ten years of research is embedded into the Osstera range of dental implant products. The products are widely implemented across Europe as from five years, with steady annual increase both in numbers of products and market share.

The birthplace of osseointegration
In Sweden, and in Gothenburg in particular, there is a well-established business for developing implant technology, systems and materials. The discovery of osseointegration, that titanium implants can interact and become integrated into living bone, was made in Gothenburg. Since then, a lot of applications have been developed by various independent companies, where Osstera is one.

What makes the Osstera portfolio unique
What makes the Osstera portfolio unique is the patented surface applied to every product, which allows the Osstera surface to replicate nature itself very closely. The ten years of research that lies behind the Osstera portfolio has time and again shown successful osseointegration and excellent clinical long-term results.
The function of all dental implants is to mimic the patient’s natural teeth to such an extent that no difference can be made between them. Although the ambition is the same for all dental implant manufacturers, the prosthetic mount is often unique. This is the case at Osstera, providing excellent dental implant solutions for every clinical situation possible.

More patients can benefit
Today, Osstera operates from its headquarters in Gothenburg but also has a subsidiary in the UK. In addition, the company is successively building sales and distribution channels across Europe.
“The assortment of implants is ever increasing, as well as the need for the products. When the implants are more affordable and widely available, more patients can benefit from an amazing technological breakthrough. This is our core value at Osstera, we believe that implants should be developed in a way that ensures quality but cut costs”, says Villy Roghell, CEO, Osstera.
So far, dental implants have been the core focus, but Osstera may embark on a journey to include a wider range of products.