Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Taking Homecare Solutions further

Helping patients in their daily lives – at work, school and at home, making the most out of every day, is the primary goal of Breas Medical. The company develops and manufactures homecare ventilation systems, to provide secure and comfortable treatment for both patients and care givers.

Breas has an interesting history, as it stems from the technological interest of a patient who was prescribed a CPAP, a sleep ventilation system supporting the patient’s respiratory function during sleep, and a motivated engineer wishing to improve such systems. The result of their collaboration has exceeded all expectations, as the Breas Medical products iSleep* and Vivo* have been breakthroughs on the global market.

20 years of development
The current product portfolio is built on over 20 years of research and development in homecare solutions. Previous products have paved the way for today’s sophisticated systems. Headquartered in Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg, Breas Medical reaches a global market through the company’s direct sales force and certified distributors.
“We are particularly strong in Europe, and at the same time we have a solid position in Japan. Moreover, Breas is well positioned for further growth in other areas, like USA and Latin America. Our business is strongly regulated and our products are CE-marked, complying with the regulatory requirements on the market. We also undergo regular inspections with periodic audits each year”, Marketing Manager Sebastian Mommers reveals.
All product development activities are concentrated to Mölnlycke, as well as the final assembly and inspection of the respiratory and sleep products.

Introducing Homecare to GE Healthcare
Breas Medical provides a new market to GE Healthcare. “GE Healthcare had hardly any homecare product range before Breas was acquired in 2008. We have introduced a whole new segment to the business, a segment which represents a growing and exciting market with many opportunities. Since homecare solutions can save resources and increase efficiency for the hospital and for society, while at the same time help improve quality of life for the patient, our solutions are part of a win-win concept”, Sebastian Mommers explains.
As the interest in IT- and mobile healthcare increases, homecare solutions will also be more sought after. The trends point to an increase in sales for Breas and other homecare solution providers. Both iSleep and Vivo are brands associated with high-quality Swedish design, reliability, great performance, ease of use and patient comfort.

High degree of innovation
“Just as we care about people, we also care about the environment. GE is considered one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly companies, according to international rankings1. We share that ambition and strive to conduct our business with as little environmental impact as possible”, states Sebastian Mommers. Breas Medical is characterised by a high degree of innovation. Vivo 50 is considered to be one of the most advanced homecare ventilators available today with a number of integrated monitoring capabilities. Sebastian Mommers concludes our discussion with the following words:
“When it comes to monitoring capabilities, we are at the cutting edge in homecare ventilation. We are committed to further develop our products to provide better quality of life for patients around the world”.

*Vivo by Breas and iSleep by Breas are trademarks of General Electric Company
1. E.g. Ethisphere’s ‘World’s most ethical companies’ or Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.