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Taking industrial projects beyond innovation

PartnerTech combines advanced product development with a lean industrial approach. As a global industrial partner, PartnerTech has the necessary experience and capabilities to take any industrial project from innovation to production and further – through the entire life cycle.

Operating in several fields, such as MedTech, Oil and Gas, PartnerTech successfully combines knowledge from different segments in order to deliver high-end solutions based on the latest technology. With a comprehensive range of services for product development, production, distribution and after-sales processes, PartnerTech is able to shorten time to market and thus create greater customer profits.

A Global Industrial Partner
PartnerTech targets an international trend where product owners increasingly focus on innovation and market development while outsourcing the entire production chain. The trend is extensive and covers not only the very large, multinational companies, but the small and medium-sized developers as well. For them, it is of even greater importance to launch new products and establish return on investment as fast as possible.
“Our ability to help our customers throughout the complete product life-cycle has granted us a strong position on the global market. With key competence and activities on three continents, we are able to meet our customers’ demands regardless of how stringent the regulations”, says PartnerTech CEO Leif Thorwaldsson. Regardless of project size and outline, PartnerTech provides solutions for improved quality, lower production costs and greater efficiency. All thanks to in-house leading edge skills in product development, electronics, machining, sheet metal work and systems integration.

Extensive Experience in MedTech
PartnerTech has a long and successful track record in producing medical devices and instruments and complies with regulatory standards in Europe, US and Asia. With extensive experience from developing a number of renowned medical technology solutions, like for example the LUCAS Chest Compression System and the DigniCap System (a scalp cooling system), PartnerTech continuously takes on new projects that most likely will help their customers enhance health care across the world. One of the latest projects involves development of a new HIV-testing kit which may revolutionize the market for testing and analysis of complex viral infections.
With cleanrooms and production units in China, Eastern and Western Europe and the USA, PartnerTech is able to meet both existing and new clients on their terms and close to their geographical markets.