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The Donsö Shipping Meet is an event like no other – making real business happen on the spot

It all started on a rather small scale back in 2009. Today the Donsö Shipping Meet, DSM, is considerably more extensive, but the basic function of being a trade fair remains. The most important goal is to create a warm welcome for everyone taking an interest in Donsö and in shipping.

Ever since its inauguration in 2009, with subsequent meets in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017, the DSM has been organised to elevate the Swedish shipping industry as competitive on a global scale. The event has always been an appreciated and even celebrated meeting point for the entire Maritime cluster, including all parts of it; technical, commercial, HR and crewing, as well as financing and investment.

Something new each year
The idea is to bring forward knowledge and understanding of the shipping industry, providing an arena for contributing and sharing knowledge. The aim of DSM is to create an arena where challenges, solution-makers, innovators, operators and owners can be united under a common theme – shipping.
Each year, DSM has expanded with something new. And this year is no exception. For the first time in its young history, DSM will in 2019 include not two but three whole days of shipping-related activities.
“An extra day has been added solely for the purpose of addressing the challenges related to the upcoming shortage in seafarers”, says Dick Höglund, member of the Board of the Donsö Foundation (Donsöstiftelsen) and DSM.
The industry falls short of some 20.000 people on a worldwide scale, meaning there are at least 20.000 global jobs in shipping not being filled. Thus, it is easy to understand why HR and crewing are now in the limelight.

The Recruitment Fair
Swedish shipowners are expansive employers searching for the right people to take it to the next level.
“The shipowners of Donsö, together with Stena, account for over 200 vessels. Being able to recruit Swedish officers has everything to do with creating a solid interest and maintaining a tradition of shipping in Sweden”, says Jonas Backman, Chairman of the Donsö Foundation (Donsöstiftelsen) and the DSM.
The Recruitment Fair is held on September 2nd, as a follow-up of a previous fair, the so-called Sjöfartskonvojen, that visits nearly 15 ports around Sweden with an icebreaker from the Swedish Maritime Administration. The event will accumulate young people with an interest in shipping and using DSM to awaken their interest is an ingenious idea.

Unique speed-meeting concept
All shipowners originating from Donsö are in one way or another part of DSM, not least including Stena. They will all be represented during the entire event – from the initial Recruitment Fair and through the expansive Trade Fair taking place on September 3 – 4.
The represented segments of shipping at DSM are tank, fishing, bulk, roro, ferries and offshore. All participants are offered the opportunity to create new contacts and connections through the entire meet.
“Donsö Shipping Meet provides a fantastic environment for making business contacts. With our “speed-meeting” concept, it is easy to see the worth of the time and money you have invested. We make it possible for exhibitors to pick several preferred companies to meet in advance, booking selected meeting times with each of them”, says Ann-Sofie Ankarcrona, Project Manager DSM.
Each pre-booked meeting is a well spent 20 minutes between shipping companies and exhibitors. The meetings are held in the exhibitors’ stands in the exhibition area.

Business made on the spot
The focus during both days is networking and gathering around common challenges – and opportunities. Often, several participants shake hands to solidify real business agreements made on the spot. The speed-meetings are unique to the event, as well as the intimate environment on Donsö. This is completely different if compared to the big shipping and trade fairs around the world. In other words, the speed-meetings are an excellent way of creating efficiency throughout the meet.
Visitors can also take part in different discussions and seminars during the entire meet. This year’s event will feature a Commercial Meet with speakers such as Carl-Johan Hagman, Head of Shipping & Ferries at Stena. DSM19 will also feature a Financing Meet with focus on financing sustainable shipping with its related challenges and opportunities.
The first day is rounded off with a three-course banquet dinner in the harbour on September 3rd. Tommy Körberg will return to Donsö, providing entertainment during the evening and Jonas Hammarberg and Christer Olsson will talk about the importance of being united globally at a time when collaboration in shipping is most needed – colleagues are also competitors but without cooperation the entire business will suffer.

For the next generation
The Donsö shipowners are known for developing their own custom-made designs with the ship’s operation in mind. The customers are highly involved from the very beginning. This secures newbuildings that are tailored to their operations, also pushing the development towards better shipping from a sustainability point of view.
There is no exaggeration in saying that the Donsö shipowners are often at the very forefront of development. Both technical and sustainable. Naturally, this creates a great interest in what is going on at Donsö, and particularly in how these companies will evolve over time. This year’s DSM will therefore bring forward a lot of new ideas, presenting the future generation of shipowners.

The facts and figures
In 2017, the DSM was visited by over 2,000 people from more than 30 different nations, and the entire shipping cluster was represented by 90 shipping companies and about 260 exhibitors. This year, the event is reinforced by a Financing Meet, as well as the initial Recruitment event.

For a continuous update on the event, please visit the DSM website: www.dsm19.com.