Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

The fastest LINK from early development to market

Many companies, from the smallest Biotech one-person team to the largest corporate teams in Big Pharma, often lack a fully developed target product profile during early product development. The result is often wasted resources, sometimes even leading companies to abandoning good projects. As a strategic partner, LINK Medical can take projects from idea to market.

LINK Medical is a northern European full-service CRO, teaming up with some of the most prominent players in medical research to take projects from early development to market. By specialising in early development, LINK Medical goes towards the current in offering all-inclusive strategic services from early development and on through all clinical phases to post-marketing.

A smoother journey from idea to market
The company’s experience in the medical industry and broad expertise strengthen each part of the LINK Medical portfolio.
“What makes us different from our competitors and colleagues is that we at LINK Medical have all the competences for early development in place. We have expertise in all pre-clinical phases, regulatory, medical writing and everything beyond which successfully takes projects into clinical development. We are aware of challenges and threats that most pharma, MedTech and biotech companies can face along the way to success. Our experience can be the difference between success to that of total failure”, says Yngve Mikkelsen, Executive Vice President of Medical Operations.
More precisely, expertise in the early stages of development is essential to completing the journey from idea to market as efficiently as possible. The experience in health economics and post-marketing projects is key to understanding the strategy required throughout the entire development process to ensure value for all stakeholders in the value chain.
Companies choose LINK Medical to take advantage of our broad knowledge and experience in complex projects across many therapeutic areas. Specific early development competencies teamed up with a natural client-oriented environment, makes LINK Medical suitable as a strategic partner and not just a traditional service provider.
“Us being a partner in the early development stages will often lead to an on-going collaboration, where we bring the project closer to market much faster than most of our competitors”, Mikkelsen continues.

Targeting large European economies
Like any successful company, LINK Medical is striving to develop its market presence continually. After thousands of successful projects throughout Scandinavia, LINK Medical is looking to expand across Northern Europe, the main targets being large economies such as Germany and the United Kingdom.
Germany and the United Kingdom are both complex markets with a large pool of CROs. What makes LINK Medical different from the rest is the offer of a full understanding of the importance of accurate planning, fulfilling the needs of regulatory and payer stakeholders, before and during the early development phase of the product lifecycle.
LINK Medical has already taken a leading role as a trusted partner in projects involving several nations across Europe. The next step is to establish the LINK Medical brand as the best Northern European CRO, with particular focus on areas such as oncology, neurology and immunology.
With over 4,000 regulatory projects on-going every year, LINK Medical generally pursues over 250 early development clinical projects. The industry, in general, is under pressure to address the high attrition rates during product development successfully. Reducing the number of efficacy- and safety-related failures come down to good planning and strategy development fulfilling all stakeholder needs during the whole development process.
“We are ready to take the next step, with strong teams consisting of experts in all relevant fields from clinical insight, regulation, quality control, medical writing, medical devices and pharmacovigilance”, Yngve Mikkelsen concludes.