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The importance of always putting people first

The technology consulting company Semcon is on an exciting journey together with its customers and employees. By always putting people first, Semcon ensures that the right solution is provided for each end user – and the right assignment for each employee.

Technology has no purpose of its own, it is the value it gives to people that is most important. This is Semcon’s belief and it shows in each of the company’s projects. Already during project planning, the value of focusing on the end users, is emphasized. Because they are the ones who will be using the solutions in the end. Satisfied end users means happy customers.

Success by putting people first
Semcon works closely with customers in almost all industries in many different markets. Life Science is a fast-growing business and Semcon has been a part of it for decades, now being one of the leading consulting companies in the industry in Scandinavia.

“In Life Science, personal contacts and relationships matter more than anything, as this line of business requires trust, integrity and confidentiality”, says Anna Nordelöf, Area Manager Quality and Project Management at Semcon in Gothenburg.

As a technology company, Semcon operates in an extremely competitive market. This makes it even more important to compete with healthy values, such as being a fair employer. The strategy “People first, then technology” also applies to Semcon’s own company culture. Because employees who thrive and feel involved at work will grow as people, and perform better.

“For us to be able to attract the best new employees, we must show that we put them first. We have exciting assignments and development opportunities for our employees, and we let each employee become involved in deciding how Semcon as a company should move forward. One important aspect of being an attractive employer and at the same time the customers’ first choice, is our success in matching each assignment with the right skills and with the right person for that particular assignment”, explains Anna Nordelöf.

“We make a difference”
Semcon offers a wide range of competencies and is actively looking for employees who want to take part in building the technical solutions of the future for Life Science companies of all sizes. They help their customers to analyse their requirements and needs for IT solutions, and can then lead and implement these solutions in the form of websites, apps and product information systems, for example.

“At Semcon we have deep competence in AI and Machine Learning, which is big in the Life Science sector right now, and can analyse huge amounts of data, connections and predict events before they happen.” says Johanna Burström at Digital Services, Semcon Gothenburg.

With extensive experience in the field of User Experience (UX), combined with skills in both physical solutions as well as digital services, Semcon can make a real difference in helping Life Science companies to improve people’s lives.

“Furthermore, we offer validation of IT systems and evaluation of connected smart devices which communicate with other devices, with health care professionals and with patients. We work with all types of companies, from Big Pharma to small teams in academic research”, says Johanna Burström and continues:

“Optimising digital investments to streamline processes is often the goal, and we do this together with the customer and with those who will use the new systems. Whether we are involved in building entire communication platforms for patients, doctors and other health care providers or validating technical information on a medical device, we make a difference in people’s lives and we are proud of it.”