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The most versatile provider of maintenance at sea

Scanunit is a global provider of maintenance, repairs and installations on-board ships and other offshore vessels. Scanunit personnel are in place swiftly if needed thanks to twenty-four hour emergency back-up and a significantly well-established cooperation network. The Group is known worldwide thanks to an in-depth focus on quality and a clear ambition to never compromise on safety matters.

Scanunit is a one-stop-shop for all players in need of repairs and installations at sea. The work is performed by certified personnel on-board the vessel during normal operation. Regular travel times will not be altered as a result of Scanunit working on the ship.
“We provide high flexibility given that ships often change routes, and can be both delayed and arrive earlier than expected. We must be able to adapt to such changes quickly in order to be an attractive partner at sea”, says Scanunit CEO, Per Ekelund.

Invests in further development
Scanunit aims to provide the best possible service with the highest flexibility while also providing high quality and safety. To ensure a high and consistent quality that exceeds the customers’ expectations Scanunit is continuously investing large sums in education and training.
“If we do not invest in further development of our skills, we can no longer expect to be the best partner to our customers. For us, it is natural to invest in education. We are currently educating several of our specialist welders according to new directives regulating work on supporting structures. Everyone working with such structures must be a certified welder according to European standards, Per Ekelund explains.

Scanunit offers a full range of maintenance, repair and installation services in piping systems, hydraulics and steel structures. The Group is also responsible for inspecting, testing and classifying all types of lifting equipment used at sea. Everything is done through only one contact; it could not be easier for the customer. The company is of course certified according to current standards ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.
“We conduct work on-board ships and other offshore vessels, as well as ports where there are several types of lifting equipment with different characteristics and capabilities. We have knowledge of all types of lifting equipment available on the market today”.
Scanunit is approved by marine authorities on a global basis to perform inspections and classifications of everything that can be associated with lifting equipment such as cranes, davits, hanging decks, ramps, cranes and lifeboats.

Further expansion
The Group has a strong base in Helsingborg, Sweden, with additional workshops in Norway and Denmark.
“We have a special interest in establishing workshops in strategic marine locations where we are currently investigating opportunities in the Netherlands”, Per Ekelund reveals.
Scanunit also designs and manufactures its own C-hooks and lifting beams for both land-based industry and shipping under the brand Lasto. Although both products are based on relatively simple solutions, Lasto is a market leader in self-balancing C-fork systems.