Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

The New Management System at Cenova – Best in Class

Cenova’s new management system provides both Cenova and their customers with a best in class overview of their operations, a higher level of quality control and it is actively used by all employees.

Cenova offers injection moulding, vacuum forming, assembly and packaging of complete medical devices. All production takes place in one of the 18 cleanroom class 7 or 8 at their facilities in Mjölby. Medical technology is the company’s biggest business segment, but they also have customers in branches with similar regulatory requirements, for example in the food industry.

Cenova is renowned for their high quality, both of their manufacturing processes and their products. With their new management system the level of quality control has increased even further.
”We used to have a traditional shelf meter system with written instructions and processes. It was a static system, hard to survey, not actively used and very seldom up-dated,” says Johannes Kask, Quality Manager at Cenova AB.

New Interactive Management System
In February 2015, it was replaced by an interactive management system, reducing the number of written instructions substantially.
”We’ve gone from over 100 written instructions to less than 30 and will eventually go down to 10-15. However, they can’t be replaced altogether. Instructions used in cleanrooms still needs to be printed documents,” Johannes Kask comments.

The new system is completely up-dated on a bi-monthly basis. It governs the distribution of information and the employees are trained in the system relevant to their roles. In addition, it efficiently provides one-stop-shop with a comprehensive overview of the company’s operations for all employees.

”It only takes 30 minutes to give our customers’ auditors a complete picture of how we work. When Johnson & Johnson made their latest audit this spring, their auditor said that our management system was the best he’d ever seen. Bear in mind then that he’s been working as auditor for 16 years and audited over 400 suppliers globally, all in the medical device industry,” Johannes Kask proudly concludes.