Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

The Sirius Group is most involved in guarding Swedish reputation in shipping

With delivery of two newly built product tankers of the highest environmental class available today, Sirius Shipping sets brand new standards throughout the marine industry.

Amidst old family businesses on the island of Donsö in the Gothenburg archipelago, the young Sirius Group thrives. Celebrating its 25th birthday this year, the Group aims to make a statement as a leader in the next generation of shipping.
The first step was taken a quarter of a century ago, as brothers Anders, Daniel and Jonas Backman showed that the Swedish shipping industry had to develop with new thoughts on sustainability. They became and still are patriots for their cause.
“Running an economically sustainable business is not about chasing quick profits. Rather, it is about building long-term relationships that will result in better returns. Of course, it is also about protecting our environment and health. Soft values ??have the highest priority throughout the Sirius Group”, says Martin Sjöholm, Commercial Manager at Sirius Chartering, the company that charters all of the Sirius vessels.

Guarding Swedish reputation
Jonas Backman, CEO of Sirius Shipping, has long been involved in the development of the Swedish shipping industry. Early on, Sirius brought back several ships under the Swedish flag, and all newbuildings are set to operate under the Swedish flag as well. Sirius Shipping possibly made history by bringing home not one but eleven product tankers during a very short period.
“It is extremely important that we can contribute to retaining the shipping competence in Sweden, and to preserve Swedish reputation in shipping as a global industry”, says Jonas Backman with pride. He continues: “Our business is strong and growing, we will take our responsibility for Sweden becoming an attractive flag state in the future”.
As an example of what Jonas Backman says, it can be mentioned that the Sirius Group has already participated in starting new higher education training programs in shipping and chartering.

Ready for LNG-transition
Sirius Shipping is responsive to market demand and new, modern vessels are sought after among conscious customers. In October 2018, state-of-the-art product tanker Saturnus, shortly followed by her sister vessel Mercurius, was delivered.
Fredrik Backman, logistics manager and responsible for shipping at Preem, is very pleased with the development where Preem, after many years of cooperation with the Sirius Group, now can make use of one of the world’s most modern tankers, Mercurius.
Just like her sister Saturnus, Mercurius has a state-of-the-art construction and design, where everything is prepared for a future transition to LNG operation, once the infrastructure is ready for it. For Saturnus, a long-term agreement has been signed between Sirius Shipping and Norwegian Esso, which like Preem will charter the vessel for many years to come.

Working with unique values
Although Sirius Shipping can show enormous success in recent years, and expects continued expansion, the industry is tough. Product tankers operate on highly competitive, global markets.
“Chartering as much as possible for different shipping companies is not the future strategy for us, but rather to utilize the vessels as efficiently as possible within trades that complement – not compete. The threshold on the shipping market is high. At Sirius Chartering, we therefore place very high demands on our partners as well”, says Martin Sjöholm, who together with his colleagues at Sirius Chartering, has several decades of experience from the shipping industry.
“Sirius Shipping differs greatly by working with unique values. This applies to everything we do – from our corporate culture and crew structure to our choice of customers and trades. All this constitutes a strong combination that gives us the conditions for continuing to be a leader in the Swedish shipping industry”, Jonas Backman concludes.