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The Swedish CRO TFS is Global in mind but always local at heart

In the early 1990s the CRO business started to expand. The reason for this was that large Pharmaceutical Companies were looking for a way of increasing flexibility and cutting risk exposure and cost. At the same time the number of small and sometimes “virtual” research companies also started to increase in number. They were, just like the medium sized enterprises operating within the broad field Life Science, all in need of help in their Clinical development. The need covered basically every step from First in Man studies to post-launch activities. This need created a new business called Contract Research, and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) started to emerge in various places of the world.

The story of TFS (Trial Form Support) is a story of the ability to build a business entirely on customer needs. The impressive expansion from Skåne, Sweden, to the rest of the world has made TFS a well-recognized and acclaimed CRO with a lot to offer any business wishing to conduct clinical trials. The continuous growth and success story led by the entrepreneur Daniel Spasic from Helsingborg begins in 1996, as established TFS. However, the knowledge and experience behind the initiation of the TFS CRO has a much longer history.
The name Trial Form Support is derived from the first TFS customer service, which was the production of CRFs to be used in clinical trials. Today TFS is a full service provider for large pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotech and other small research companies, companies working within the area referred to as Functional Food and even companies working with cosmetics.

Clinical services
TFS with headquarters in Lund, Sweden, is the largest privately owned European CRO. Clinical services are categorized into four business areas;

TFS ExploreTM covering early clinical trials in healthy volunteers or patients
TFS DevelopTM covers clinical trials in phase II-IV
TFS PeopleTM is a collaboration platform for medical and clinical consultants for short or long term assignments
TFS AcademyTM covers a broad area of training and education offered by TFS.

In addition, TFS also provides regulatory, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and biometrics services.

Substantial geographical expansion
TFS has a strong European organization with 550 Employees, and recently acquired an Italian CRO with country head office in Rome to increase the presence in another of the key markets in Europe. TFS is now looking to increase its global presence in the US.
The reason for this substantial geographical expansion is primarily for TFS to become a strong partner for small and midsize research companies wanting a strong local connection with a partner who truly understands their line of business. TFS provides Key Account Managers, Project Leaders and all the related services needed in the customers own language but with an international outlook on global trials, also applying more customer-oriented methods than what the larger CROs can offer.
In the Nordic area TFS has offices in Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Espoo, Oslo and Copenhagen.