Tor 23 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Under construction: the capital of Medicon Valley

Right at the center of Scandinavia’s most international location, where Copenhagen International Airport, the Oresund Bridge and the motorway to Sweden and all of Denmark meet – that is where Skanska plans to establish the new capital of Medicon Valley.

Scanport is a new commercial cluster under construction on the coast of Amager, in close vicinity to the Greater Copenhagen area via road, metro and rail. Astellas Pharma and Ferring Pharmaceuticals have already found their home in the area, not far from Northern Europe’s largest aquarium The Blue Planet.
“With world-class infrastructure, state of the art architecture and great communications, Skanska aims to create a resourceful and stimulating commercial area in Scanport. This is a development that will support future expansion of the entire Oresund region. Medicon Valley in particular”, says Elo Alsing, Market Manager at the Skanska Commercial Development Division.

An international melting pot
There is no denying in that Scanport has great potential, not least when it comes to establishing Medicon Valley as an international life science cluster of global importance.
In Scanport, a part of Copenhagen’s history is preserved and integrated with a new vision for developing the area into a unique, international melting pot.
Located right on the shoreline, with a marina, beach cafés and activities close at hand, Scanport has every opportunity to become a very stimulating area for work while at the same time providing opportunities for an active life style.

New social meeting points
The area consists of around 95,000 m2 commercial office space. Around 65,000 m2 remains to be developed after the initiation of Nordhuset, where Astellas Pharma resides, and Ferring Pharmaceutical’s domicile. According to Elo Alsing, Skanska is also looking to create new social meeting points in order to boost collaboration between the people, companies and organisations in the area.
“We need to create more than just office space. What we are aiming to do in Scanport is to build a city within the city of Copenhagen, complete with service areas, restaurants, cafés and commercial clusters”, he reveals.
“Diversity is a major strength here, and we want to take advantage of that when creating the new buildings too. The future offices will be of different sizes and heights, and they will symbolise the variety we hope for in the tenants as well”.

Writing history
The plan is to connect the communities around Scanport to the new area, ensuring a creative and vivid environment every day, all year round.
Scanport is also one of the oldest industrial areas in Copenhagen. The oldest building is from the late 1700s, still standing and under further development. There is a café in the building today, as well as apartments and some office space.
“The historical building and the area around it is perfect as future home to creative businesses. Our intention is to bring new life to the entire area, and thus writing new history as from today”, says Elo Alsing.
New, potential tenants have already shown interest. Elo Alsing is hoping for a cultural mix, as the development of Scanport enables for a larger recruitment across the bridge as well.
“And that, if anything, is something that will support further development of the Swedish-Danish life science cluster in our region”, he concludes.