Tor 19 maj / År 40 / Nr 1 2022

Volvo Cars meets Life Science in Sector Convergence

Volvo Cars’ purpose is to offer everyone the ultimate “freedom to move, in a personal, sustainable and safe way”. It is not enough to just develop and build great personal cars. Volvo Cars is striving to become a comprehensive mobility provider, and this entails a more direct approach and contact with end users. The ability to provide customer care has never been more important.

The tremendous and vast experience of human and machine interaction that has accumulated within the Life Science industry is something of a treasure chest for Volvo Cars. The evolution of health, safety and well-being inside personal cars brings Volvo Cars closer and closer to Life Science, sharing the same vision of improving quality of life.

Why sector convergence is important
Andreas Strasser, Investment Director EMEA at Volvo Cars, has previously explained the possibilities of using technology to achieve both safe and sustainable driving at an event at Sahlgrenska Science Park. He explained that around five decades ago, the seat belt was at the forefront of technological advancement inside personal cars. Between 2010 and now, wellness has played a key part. From 2020, we are advancing quickly.
From now on and five years ahead, we are moving beyond personal wellness and safety inside the car. With sensor technology it is possible to prevent accidents on the road. Where human ability fails, technology can pick up the pace.
Further, using biosensors, the wellbeing of humans inside the car can be monitored and documented to help improve traffic safety. Real-time alerts for example can be sent to hospitals nearby, and so on. It is not science fiction – it is reality today, at least at R&D level, and Volvo Cars is the enabler together with researchers and development companies in Life Science. This is why sector convergence in this sense is so important.

The fifth industrial revolution
We have only just been introduced to Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution where digital replaces manual applications. Through even more collaboration and convergence between advanced technologies and people, the fifth industrial revolution moves from fantasy to fact. Volvo Cars strives to become one of the key players in the move towards deeper convergence.
Gothenburg is the birthplace of Volvo. The Gothenburg region has unique capabilities when it comes to harvesting and enabling high-tech innovations and solutions. According to the 2019 Tech Trends Annual Report, Gothenburg is the second smartest city in the world. But venture capital lags behind.
“The growing interest in the region’s innovative ecosystem is something we must seize and take advantage of. In order to make the most of our region’s abilities when it comes to technology and development, we must bring key stakeholders closer to one another. That is why Volvo Cars is so keen to promote collaboration in multi-arenas of science”, says Pär Nilsson, Technical Expert, Protective Safety Sensing and Control, Emerging Technologies, Volvo Cars.
Some examples of evolving platforms for collaboration in the Gothenburg region is Lindholmen Science Park, Sahlgrenska Life and Johanneberg Science Park. Volvo Cars is involved in collaboration with all of them.