Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Weapon and defence systems at the forefront of technology

The FMV Test Range in Vidsel is embedded at the heart of a scenic area, offering exciting assignments and probably the best workplace in Sweden for those who want to work close to nature and at the same time be part of the global development when it comes to weapon and defence systems at the forefront of technology.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, closely cooperates with the Swedish Armed Forces in the development of the Swedish defence, where new technology meets new personnel.

For those with high standards
At the FMV Test Range in Vidsel, the mission is to test weapons and other systems used in the defence industry. “Our customers are both Swedish and international and represent both the defence and general industries. With the help of target robots which we fly from a distance, weapons and defence systems can be tested safely in the airspace”, Test Range Manager Stefan Kriegholm explains.
The software systems used to control the target robots are based on American system development but are supplemented with systems that are built on site. Samuel Viklund is a system engineer responsible for the test site’s software development.
“When I graduated, I was quite sure that a regular job in system development, where I would sit doing roughly the same tasks every day, would not suit me. I wanted something challenging and something different, and a role where I could develop in several areas. I got exactly that here at Vidsel”, says Samuel Viklund.
Samuel is also responsible for the development of the ground-based control systems used for target robots. During trial campaigns, he is operationally responsible for communication between management systems and the flying target robots. ¨
“There is nothing common about this workplace. For those who place high demands on themselves and value their development, and who want a workplace that also places high demands, this is truly a paradise. I look forward to meeting further challenges and opportunities here”, Samuel concludes.

Promoting both technology and biodiversity
There are few other workplaces that can offer as varied everyday life and as much technology as FMV Test Range in Vidsel. Workshop engineers, vehicle mechanics and aerospace engineers are just a selection of roles that are represented here.
“For those who are interested in hunting and generally enjoying outdoor life, our test site here at Vidsel is probably Sweden’s best workplace. You can live in the middle of nature and also have the benefit of working in a business that promotes and preserves the biodiversity in the area”, says Stefan Kriegholm.
“We are constantly in search of good people”, he continues. “We are happy to seek out anyone who share our opinion that Norrbotten is a fantastic region to live and develop a good life in. Our future employees may already live next door, or may currently live somewhere in southern Sweden. We are open to all”.