Fre 1 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Welcome to Mölndal – home of Life Science business development

The city of Mölndal is one of the Gothenburg region’s most expansive municipalities – not least when it comes to business development within Life Science. In this city some of the region’s largest companies are operating in the Life Science industry, focusing on everything from pharmaceutical development to advanced health innovations.

It seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to development opportunities in Mölndal.

Creating an essence of collaboration
Large Life Science-oriented companies have put Mölndal on a global map of medical technology, drug development and prominent research in health innovations at large. It comes as no surprise that the municipality, the City of Mölndal, is keen to create an essence of collaboration that goes beyond geographical boundaries.
“With our stakeholders in Life Science, such as the large pharmaceutical developers and the Mölndal-based experts in medical research, devices and implants, we are building a network of partners in collaboration. Instead of being limited to Mölndal and Gothenburg we include all of west Sweden”, says Carina Kloek Malmsten, Business Developer at the City of Mölndal.

Nurturing a legacy
Mölndal truly is the home of a thriving Life Science industry in Sweden. Around 80 per cent of all job opportunities in the West-Sweden Life Science cluster are in Mölndal. Some of Europe’s largest biomedical and pharmaceutical companies were born here. Their legacy and presence attract other companies who share the vision of becoming world leaders in their field.
“In time, we will have a fully developed Life Science cluster here at the heart of the Gothenburg region. Our role models are other prosperous clusters in the world and in Sweden for example Medicon Valley Alliance in the Oresund region, and the Stockholm – Uppsala cluster which is the largest in Sweden. We strongly believe that Mölndal will become the capital of West-Sweden’s Life Science cluster”, says Carina Kloek Malmsten.

The journey has just begun
The West-Sweden Life Science cluster is in the making, and it is likely to attract some of the world’s best talents in key areas such as dental implants, cochlear and bone-integrated hearing systems, pharmaceutical drug development and medical devices. The journey has just begun.