Tis 5 jul / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Welcome to the island of Donsö – the world’s most inclusive place for shipping

The island of Donsö may well be the world’s most inclusive place for shipping. Despite its humble numbers with a population of less that 1500 people, Donsö shows a remarkable strength in leading the development of modern tanker business – of course with sustainable focus. Donsö is most definitely the hub of Swedish tanker business, and possibly the most shipowner-dense island in the world.

The original industry of the island of Donsö, namely the fishing business, still lives in the form of several merged fishing companies. But it is the tanker business that truly places Donsö at the forefront as the place to be when it comes to new ideas and innovations in shipping.

The initial idea back in 2009
It is foreseeable that contractors are eager to meet with the Donsö shipowners all year round. The real challenge is finding the time to sit down and spend a moment with contractors when day to day business takes over. At the same time, the Donsö shipowners are keen to meet with suppliers, contractors and partners, and as always striving to be a great host and ambassador to what is close to heart – namely the island of Donsö.
Back in 2009, it was formed as an idea in the minds of a couple of Donsö shipowners; why not collect all contractors and possible new partners to a grand fair, an event where we all could meet up and exchange ideas right here on Donsö? Said and done – this was the spark that fuelled the start-up of the Donsö Shipping Meet, DSM. And the rest is history.

Starting off with a recruitment fair
Everyone attending the DSM today are most likely familiar with its purpose. For those who are not, it can be highlighted in a simple way; DSM is a trade fair, aiming to give everyone a fair chance to show their products and services to partners on Donsö. It is an event where all parties can meet on common ground, share views and ideas, and possibly tie new partnerships.
Undoubtedly, all eyes will be on Donsö as DSM takes off on September 3 and 4, 2019. New to this year is that a recruitment fair will take place on the day before, the 2nd of September, its purpose being to attract young people to shipping by inviting them to Donsö.

Making the Swedish Maritime Cluster visible
This year’s event is expected to be something out of the ordinary, as the theme surrounding world analysis, business intelligence, market opportunities, future recruiting and sustainable commitment is combined with HR and crewing, and for the first time; a Financing Meet.
This year’s Donsö Shipping Meet Partner, Stena, is most likely proud to highlight the company’s heritage from Donsö. The decision of being a Partner to DSM was based on several factors, the most important being the aim to make the Swedish Maritime Cluster more visible.
Over 2000 visitors are expected to take part in this year’s DSM. It is an excellent opportunity to make new contacts, deepen existing relationships and just having an amazing time with colleagues, clients, business partners and suppliers in a creative and all-inclusive environment.