Mån 8 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

When only the very best is good enough

Pharma, Cosmetics and Beverages are three separate industries sharing many common interests. Especially regarding safety and hygiene aspects throughout the entire product life cycle, where the choice of packaging is essential from the very beginning. Hab Nicolai Johannsen ensures that the right type of packaging solution is used – every time and in all applications.

From coffee, tea and corn to animal skins – and from there on to comprehensive packaging solutions, the company Hab Nicolai Johannsen has a very interesting story to tell from being an old trading house in Stockholm.
“The company’s long journey began back in 1884 with an extensive trade in colonial goods. Though we are now trading in a different category, the main idea of sustained quality and close customer relations still remains,” says Lars Tiliander, co-owner of Hab Nicolai Johannsen since 1979.

From import to knowledge-based business
Originally an importer of various consumer goods, Hab Nicolai Johannsen has evolved into a knowledge-based company focusing on extensive packaging solutions for customers operating in the Pharma, Cosmetic and Beverage industries. Using the correct packaging solutions indisputably increases the value of the development and manufacturing processes as well as the safety of the final product in all categories.
“Pharmaceutical products need to be stored correctly from the very first stages of development to the final stages involving distribution and consumer interaction. What we can offer is superior quality in our packaging products – as well as the very best solution tailored to the individual customer,” says Hab Nicolai Johannsen CEO Magnus Tiliander.
“This is due to our extensive network of suppliers where some are renowned global leaders in their fields, and our role is to ensure a good representation of their brands on the Nordic market.”

Renewed collaboration and exclusive products
Pharmaceutical glass containers, including traditional casted glass bottles and highly specialised vials and cartridges, plastic medicine bottles and aluminium blisters are examples of products in Hab Nicolai Johannsen’s portfolio for the Nordic market.
Some products, even entire categories of products, are exclusive to Hab Nicolai Johannsen on the Scandinavian market. Examples are sterile glass vials and cartridges, often used by smaller companies lacking adequate facilities for sterilisation. They are also used at the early stages of development and verification.
“The supplier Nuova Ompi is part of the Stevanato Group and has a long history in developing packaging solutions for medical applications. Lars Tiliander established contact with them over 30 years ago, and we are pleased to announce that our collaboration has been renewed through new product lines, i.e. the sterile vials and cartridges,” Magnus Tiliander continues.

New opportunities with personalised medicine
The Pharma industry is very dynamic and ever-changing, but the need for more effective and safer medical drugs is never going to cease. Hab Nicolai Johannsen predicts a bright future for Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies in general. Magnus Tiliander underlines the company’s ambition to become an integrated partner of both small and large developers, CROs and manufacturers.
“We also believe that the shift towards personalised medicine will speed up things within the industry from several perspectives. Moving away from the traditional standardised dosage systems will also be a game changer in our world of packaging, as we are then able to present a whole new range of products suitable for personalised dosage dispensing instead.”
Magnus Tiliander also reveals that the company may establish a subsidiary in Lund in order to create stronger bonds with the dynamic Life Science cluster in Medicon Valley.
“This has been under discussion for some time, and there is definitely great potential in Medicon Valley and we wish to become a greater part of that,” he says in conclusion.