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When thorough quality control is essential

In the summer of 2011, world-leading medical instruments developer Anton Paar established its fourteenth subsidiary since the company’s inception almost a century ago. The latest addition, Anton Paar Nordic, is headquartered in Malmö and responsible for the strategic and expansive markets in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Establishing business in southern Sweden is yet another milestone reached, resulting in a deeper and broader presence on the Scandinavian market.

Anton Paar is recognized globally as an acclaimed producer of high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for industry and research.
“We have gradually built up our organization and developed both knowledge and competence in service and sales across Scandinavia”, says Hans Strinsjö, CEO and Sales Manager at Anton Paar Nordic.
Anton Paar has been a pioneer in developing advanced medical instruments since the early 1920s. A milestone for the company and Anton Paar in general was the development of the first digital density meter using the oscillating U-tube principle developed by Dr. Hans Stabinger in the late 1960s.
Anton Paar has continued to be a world-leading developer of various laboratory products and instruments, as well as providing accurate documentation services. Long-term collaboration, customer focus and qualitative service are key factors that make Anton Paar a market leader across the globe.

Seeking state-of-the-art instrumentation
Global pharmaceutical producer Haupt Pharma has chosen Anton Paar’s high-precision instrumentation and documentation services.
Haupt Pharma, with production sites across Europe as well as in the US, produces over 1500 different compounds, as well as sterile and special products. Every production site is specialized on different dosage forms and/or active ingredients. The Gronau site, near Hanover in Germany, is focused on solids, sterile medicine and lyophilisates.
At Haupt Pharma, precise and thorough quality control is essential. “Our quality control and quality assurance measures have an excellent reputation”, says Angela Bartelt, assistant to the analytics management in Gronau.
“Haupt Pharma not only complies with the European but also with the U.S. pharmacopoeia, for example, and we produce a vast range of medication. This makes for interesting, diversified work in the raw material laboratory: The lab personnel characterizes a large number of different materials and analyzes their purity and concentration. To perform such tests, qualified state-of-the-art instrumentation is indispensable”, she continues.

Meeting – and exceeding – client requirements
New test equipment is continuously acquired and updated to always ensure the most recent technology and maximized efficiency in the laboratories. Seeking a new polarimeter – which non-destructively measures a substance’s optical rotation, Haupt Pharma chose the MCP 300 from Anton Paar, seeing as they were satisfied with the Anton Paar density meter they were already using.
Haupt Pharma employs the instrument to test raw materials and to control the quality of semi-finished products. Bartelt’s colleague from the raw materials lab, Daniel Voßhage, confirms that the polarimeter from Anton Paar has met all expectations. “The results are highly reproducible. If required, the Peltier element heats the sample at a high speed, which saves precious time. Every six months our test equipment is controlled – the instrument is essentially maintenance-free and really easy to use”, he says.
The MCP 300 also warrants seamless documentation – an absolute must in the pharmaceutical industry. Measuring cells are automatically detected; all relevant data influential to the measurement is transferred to the instrument.
Ms. Bartelt is satisfied: “Anton Paar has best met our requirements regarding the documentation of testing processes and the instrument’s qualification during the installation and start-up.”