Sön 4 jun / År 41 / Nr 1 2023

Wihlborgs helps develop Malmö as important hub for innovation

Being able to adapt the premises to the actual need of the tenant is a key success factor in the real estate industry. In this respect, Wihlborgs Fastigheter has succeeded extremely well. In close collaboration and through careful consultation with tenants, Wihlborgs designs and adapts the perfect environment for clients to grow, innovate and conduct lucrative business. Wihlborgs is undoubtedly the Öresund region’s premier player in real estate for commercial development.

Wihlborgs Fastigheter rests on a tradition dating back to the early 1920s, when the builder OP Wihlborg founded a family construction company in Malmö. For over 60 years, the company operated privately as a developer, owner and manager of real estate in the Malmö region.
Today, Wihlborgs is a listed company with traditional property management services as its main business with commercial properties in Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Copenhagen.
“The modern tenant is more aware and thus more demanding. The modern properties must offer both functionality and at the same time be attractive. Often the premises of our tenants serve as a face towards the outside world; here is where they meet their customers and do business, while at the same time developing tomorrow’s medicines and medical devices. We want to take a step further, and become a natural partner for our tenants where we focus on good communication and responsiveness to their needs”, says Hans Andersson, Marketing Director at Wihlborgs in Malmö.

An expansive region
Wihlborgs Fastigheter is the proud owner the properties housing the expansive Medeon Science Park. Along with the research park’s owners and stakeholders Wihlborgs contribute to a continuous and positive development in the life science sector with Malmö as base. The entire Öresund region is an expansive life science cluster providing excellent opportunities for increased employment and further growth with more innovative companies.
“We have forward-looking and well-established collaborations with the City of Malmö, Malmö University and many of Medeon’s companies. The City of Malmö offers an attractive complement to Copenhagen when it comes to opportunities to establish new companies particularly in the life sciences. Now that one of our properties has recently been vacated in Medeon Science Park, we have witnessed tremendous interest and to fill the empty space is not going to be difficult”, Hans Andersson continues.
The region benefits from globally acclaimed activities such as the building of ESS and MAX IV in Lund, also of benefit to the life science industry in Malmö.

Malmö as important hub for innovation
In order to offer tenants a comprehensive service, Wihlborgs has its own personnel servicing and maintaining the properties. Tenants can easily get in touch with Wihlborgs, who has the ability to arrange most services with very short notice.
With an extensive network of contacts and broad local knowledge Wihlborgs can also act as an advisor and partner for tenants looking to connect with colleagues operating in the life sciences.
The extensive network is evident in the recent collaborative project “The Dock” (Dockan), where Wihlborgs is developing a whole new district in Malmö together with Peab and JM Bostäder. In the very same area where the famous Kockums shipyard was previously active, some 7,000 people are now working and studying in various areas of interest. Wihlborgs has helped develop the area into an important hub in Malmö, a centre of innovation and development. Wihlborgs will build additional tens of thousands of square meters of commercial properties here. There are even plans for a new hotel in the area.
“The southern parts of Skåne, including Lund and Malmö, are becoming Scandinavia’s new centre for innovation and development”, Hans Andersson confirms.
“In a few years, when the Fehmarn Bält tunnel is complete, it will be faster to take the train from Malmö to Hamburg than from Malmö to Jönköping. Malmö has a great geographical position and we will grab this opportunity with both hands”.