Fre 24 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

With every opportunity to succeed

A vibrant and expanding life science cluster; an impressive collection of the world’s leading talents in life science, all bundled up in a unique environment of Swedish and Danish culture. Welcome to Medicon Valley, home to some of the world’s prime researchers and companies in life science!

Medicon Valley has every opportunity to succeed. The goal is to become one of the world’s strongest environments for research, development and innovation in life science, providing an attractive arena of collaboration for academia, healthcare and industry.

The importance of attracting talents
The Oresund Region already has a long tradition of successful collaboration involving Swedish and Danish expertise. Medicon Valley is home to some of the world’s finest researchers and companies pursuing further development by chasing down future drug targets, treatments and possible cures for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and allergies.
The business model for Medicon Valley is based on human resources, skills and experience. “We have access to the latest technology in a number of therapeutic areas, but our main competitive advantage has so far been – and will remain – the human skills that have accumulated in our region” says Stig Jørgensen, CEO Medicon Valley Alliance.
Medicon Valley Alliance is dedicated to creating good conditions for growth in the region, first and foremost by attracting the best researchers, clinicians and companies to Medicon Valley.
“We need to create good conditions for the world’s prime talents to actively choose our region in front of others”, Stig Jørgensen continues.
“As I see it, there are primarily two factors that play an important role in attracting talents. Firstly, we need an environment that offers challenges and opportunities to succeed. Secondly, talents will attract other talents within the same or adjacent areas of knowledge. Experts are simply drawn to other experts”.

Securing future expertise
In the global competition, Medicon Valley already holds several advantages. The main challenges represent the geographical location and the location of prime talents. The internationalisation of the life science industry requires local initiatives to be introduced globally.
In order to secure future expertise, Medicon Valley Alliance, together with Invest in Skåne and key representatives from industry, academia and public organisations on both sides of Oresund, have adopted a long-term commitment to establishing the so called Medicon Valley Beacons. The Beacons are a number of outstanding areas of expertise in the Swedish – Danish life science cluster, covering the following areas: immune regulation, structural biology, systems biology, drug delivery and independent living.
“The Beacons have been launched to strengthen the skills and talents in Medicon Valley – and to preserve employment opportunities in life science in our region. Larger companies have every chance to establish activities abroad, and the trend of outsourcing is not new to us. To retain key activities in the region, we must have an environment and a culture that supports development”, says Stig Jørgensen firmly.

Setting up an international platform
The MVA Ambassador Program is an international platform designed to help Medicon Valley stakeholders identify and develop research and business opportunities in world class life science hubs around the world.
“To spread awareness of Medicon Valley and the expertise available here, we have established networks worldwide. The MVA Ambassador Program is an important part of our international work, currently consisting of three ambassadors operating in North America and Japan, promoting our region and creating interest among the world’s top life sciences clusters”, Stig Jørgensen confirms.