Fre 1 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Xintela embarks on large-scale stem cell production

The Swedish biomedical company Xintela is known for its marker technology for the development of stem cell therapies. Now the company has decided to also produce stem cells for clinical trials in own GMP facility for the future treatment for osteoarthritis.

Xintela has received a lot of attention for its patent-protected marker technology, XINMARK?, which is used to identify, select and quality assure stem cells for the treatment of the joint disease osteoarthritis.
“In a recent study on horses with post-traumatic osteoarthritis, we could show that treatment with Xintela’s selected stem cells protected the cartilage from degradation. In addition, the stem cells also protected the underlying bone. This was seen as less bone sclerosis in the joints treated with stem cells compared to untreated joints”.
“What is unique about our marker technology is that we can identify and select a homogeneous population of stem cells that are suitable for the treatment of osteoarthritis and thus Xintela has a highly competitive technology to quality assure stem cells for cell therapy”, says CEO Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.
The goal is to develop a safe and effective stem cell treatment for both animals and humans. Xintela is now taking the next step and has completed a GMP facility for the production of the stem cells for clinical trials.
“We have taken the important decision to manufacture stem cells for clinical studies in our own in-house GMP facility. The production facility is now in place and we are preparing an application for a manufacturing license for clinical studies. In-house manufacturing of our stem cell products gives us full control of the product development, full flexibility and a highly cost-effective production solution”.
The fact that Xintela can produce its own stem cells increases the company’s attractiveness and it has received great interest from potential partners.
“Our unique marker technology for producing high quality stem cells, combined with our own GMP production, is a winning concept in collaborative discussions. It also opens up the possibility to act as contract manufacturer in the future for other stem cell companies, by which new revenue opportunities can be created”, concludes Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.