Lör 2 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Your LINK from innovation to market

Considering the tremendous costs often related to product development within the life science industry, one would presume that a trusted partner in development is ever-present. This would most definitely be the case in the automotive industry, but is it also true for companies in life science?

Many companies – from the smallest biotech innovators to big pharma, often lack a sense of direction when it comes to costly product development projects. The common result is often a lot of time and money wasted. The most time-consuming projects are usually related to activities surrounding investigating issues that would never have arisen if the planning was right from the beginning. Therefore, partnering up with a CRO specialising in early development is a good idea.

Full-service CRO
LINK Medical is a full-service CRO and is one of very few in Northern Europe to offer all-inclusive services from early development through clinical phase, and on to market delivery. The company’s broad expertise strengthens each part of their portfolio. Early development expertise is essential for making the journey to market as efficient as possible. Moreover, experience in health economics and post-marketing projects is key to understanding the strategy required throughout the development process. Thus, thanks to the broad knowledge complex projects can be accelerated through the developmental stages to market. Saving time is not just saving money, in life science it is more than anything a matter of saving lives.

First out: Germany and the United Kingdom
Just like any forward-striving company in any industry, LINK Medical is striving for constant development. After thousands of successful projects in Scandinavia, the company is now looking to expand across Northern Europe, starting with large economies such as Germany and the United Kingdom.
“We have already started pursuing the German and British markets, and during 2020 we expect to have established full-service offices here as well. We are most definitely striving to become a trusted partner across Northern Europe,” says LINK Medical CEO Ola Gudmundsen.

Becoming a European brand
Both Germany and the United Kingdom are complex markets where many CROs operate. What LINK Medical can offer, as their competitive advantage, is a full understanding of the importance of early development and accurate planning at the very early stages.
 “Being a partner in the early development stages will often lead to an on-going collaboration, where LINK Medical together with the customer can bring the project closer to market much faster. We are already taking a leading role as trusted partner in projects involving several nations across Europe, what we need to do now is establish a name and brand that is not just Scandinavian but European,” states Ola Gudmundsen.

Facts and figures
LINK Medical has over 6,000 regulatory projects ongoing each year, and usually pursue over 250 early development clinical projects. With its 180 employees the company is one of Scandinavia’s largest CROs, with offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. LINK Medical is a Pan-European trusted partner, and offices in Germany and the United Kingdom have been established in order to bring the company closer to the markets in which it serves.