Ons 21 feb / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Life Science 2021

The task of developing the healthcare systems, technology and treatments of the future requires a much sharper focus on facilitating collaboration across borders. Not only geographical – but across disciplines as well. Gothenburg has a strong and growing Life Science cluster which deserves to be highlighted from a national point of view.

Building competitiveness on simplicity and strength

Over 20 years ago, advanced dentistry was combined with surface engineering. This brought about a new way of thinking when it comes to dental implants, resulting in the establishment of biotech company Neoss.

Fredrik Engman, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Neoss.

Although the first Neoss office was not located in Gothenburg, there has always been a strong connection to the region in terms of expertise. The development of dental implant technology is built on Professor Brånemark’s innovation, and this is something that Neoss embraces and further develops in its own platform.

“Gothenburg has great potential to become a Nordic and even European centre for development of medical devices. There is a lot of expertise in the area, people are motivated and dedicated to development. This is a great region to work with and be a part of”, says Fredrik Engman, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Neoss.

Simplicity and strength

Neoss was founded in the year 2000 by Dr Neil Meredith, previously maintaining positions in dentistry at the universities of Leeds, Bristol and Gothenburg, in collaboration with Fredrik Engman, a surface development engineer at Volvo and later on Nobel Biocare. Neoss’ implants are based on Professor Brånemark’s invention but are developed in its own direction.

“What we mainly focus on is simplicity and strength”, Fredrik Engman explains. “From the very beginning, we had a clear vision; we wanted to create something stronger, safer and more efficient. We also wanted to facilitate the surgeons’ work by incorporating all types of dental implants in one and the same platform. This is what we call the NeossONE One Platform, Smart Prosthetics. This is a solution unique to the Neoss Implant System, where we rely on only one prosthetic platform across three implant ranges”.

Neoss has around 400 different products. Competitors can have up to 3000 products. Yet Neoss’ range has solutions for all needs when it comes to dental implants, even the most advanced.

“The big advantage of working with fewer products is that we do not have to provide many different tools. It is much easier and more efficient for dental professionals to work with.

Our aim is to provide dental surgeons with a simple solution, a system that corresponds to all needs within implant dentistry based on one single platform”, Fredrik Engman clarifies.

Under new ownership

The last few years have been very productive at Neoss. New solutions have been launched, and new partnerships have been made.

CareCapital, one of the world’s largest dental investors, acquired the company in 2020. CareCapital’s interest in Neoss is largely based on the fact that Neoss is a leading global dental implant company committed to designing intelligently simple solutions that provide reliable and cost-effective patient care with excellent long-term results.