Ons 22 maj / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Life Science 2021

The task of developing the healthcare systems, technology and treatments of the future requires a much sharper focus on facilitating collaboration across borders. Not only geographical – but across disciplines as well. Gothenburg has a strong and growing Life Science cluster which deserves to be highlighted from a national point of view.

Contract Research Organisation (CRO) in Sweden with decades of experience

These are interesting times. A growing population, pandemics, changing lifestyles and new demographics place new and tougher demands on healthcare providers worldwide.

CEO Håkan Fröderberg, Eva Fredriksson Head of Clinical Operations and Mario Clementi Head of Pharmacovigilance.

New pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, diagnostic tools, and better therapies must reach the market faster. Most projects need a little help along the way. A+ Science is a versatile partner through all stages of development and all the way up to market launch.

Providing support through all clinical phases

A + Science supports pharmaceutical- and medical technology companies through all phases of clinical trials. As a comprehensive Clinical Research Organisation, CRO, A + Science ensures that the projects are carried out correctly all the way from the initial application, through clinical trials and all the way to market.

“Our goal is always to get new pharmaceuticals and medical devices approved so that they can be of benefit to patients across the world. Time is of essence for our clients, for healthcare providers as well as for patients waiting for remedies and cures. We are flexible and able to tailor our services to any specific need associated with clinical trials, even covering multinational projects that are common today”, says Eva Fredriksson, Head of Clinical Operations at A+ Science.

Tackling challenges in pharmacovigilance

Getting a new pharmaceutical drug or a medical device approved is one thing. But after years of research, clinical trials, documentation, more trials and eventually a final approval, there is still more work to do. On top of the regulations on clinical trials and documentation through several stages, there is an advanced pharmacovigilance legislation regulating the safety monitoring of medicines.

“Pharmacovigilance is a tricky area that most small and medium-sized companies need help with. We have built up solid competence based on many years of experience in managing and documenting side effects. All reported side effects, regardless of how often or rarely they occur, must be managed, documented, and followed up. These reports can come from patients, healthcare providers or be found in the scientific literature. For many companies, it is difficult to know how to correctly monitor the safety of their products, especially when the regulations change such as with Brexit”, says Mario Clementi, Head of Pharmacovigilance at A+ Science.

A+ Science can help companies in all areas and of all sizes tackle the challenges associated with keeping up with regulations in pharmacovigilance.


The sky is the limit, and it is no cliché. A+ Science works with clients that are active in a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, as well as other CROs, primarily but not exclusively in Scandinavia. Thanks to long-term collaborations with international CRO partners, A+ Science can also cover all other European countries and offer the same services regardless of where the projects and the clinical trials are carried out.

“Many of our customers have been with us for a long time. They choose us over and over again, thanks to our good reputation and our high success rate. Even though we are able to take in large projects, we are still a relatively small CRO based on the well-established experience of a small team. However, being part of a small team gives us good opportunities to be fast and flexible when we need to be”, A+ Science CEO Håkan Fröderberg underlines.

A+ Science was one of the first CROs in Sweden, it was founded  in 1997 by dedicated researchers within the cardiovascular field in Gothenburg. The company will be celebrating a very important milestone next year, its 25th year anniversary.