Ons 1 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Life Science 2021

The task of developing the healthcare systems, technology and treatments of the future requires a much sharper focus on facilitating collaboration across borders. Not only geographical – but across disciplines as well. Gothenburg has a strong and growing Life Science cluster which deserves to be highlighted from a national point of view.

Gothenburg stands out in Life Science and Healthcare development

Business Region Gothenburg (BRG) instigates and manages development projects in a number of industries to stimulate growth in local and regional companies. Life Science and Healthcare is one of the prioritised profile areas which makes the region stand out – not only in Sweden but in Northern Europe at large.

Peter Dolving CEO Verde Biopharma.

When looking at the expanding Life Science industry, using only a Swedish perspective is not enough. Developments in for example medical technology, pharmaceutical treatments and advanced combined therapies are of global interest. Therefore, the work of BRG and its partnering companies in the Gothenburg region must also have a global approach. Or at least a Nordic approach to begin with.

“The Life Science industry is far from a regional issue; we must establish collaborations both nationally and internationally to create a good basis for growth for our companies”, says Iris Öhrn, Investment Advisor in Life Science and Healthcare.

Platforms for collaboration

In Gothenburg, there are not just one, but several platforms being developed to support and create better conditions for research and entrepreneurship in the Life Science and Healthcare sector.

“We have long stated that we need more platforms that support collaboration”, Iris Öhrn continues. “Our goal at BRG is clear; we want to strengthen the Swedish and even Nordic position in the international arena of Life Science. In order to achieve that, we need to adopt a more international approach. Our region must be the best for new establishments, start-ups, for relocation of businesses and for further growth in existing companies”.

Platforms such as the Sahlgrenska Science Park, GU Ventures, GoCo and Bioventure Hub are examples of both old and new arenas for collaboration. Even though GoCo and Bioventure Hub are new, the essence of collaboration in Gothenburg is not.

“We have a collaborative culture here that makes our region unique. What we have to do is to make it known to the world. We are here and we are ready to welcome new ideas, new innovations and new partners to collaborate with”, says Iris Öhrn.

The role of BRG

The role of BRG is essentially to monitor the regional, national and international Life Science industry, and to present business opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs and innovators who could possibly thrive in the environments that the Gothenburg region can offer.

There are several examples of how BRG supports both new and existing companies in Life Science and Healthcare. International companies can also approach BRG to come into contact with potential business partners that are already established in the Gothenburg region.

“We are very good at guiding and supporting companies through all the stages of entering and setting up business in our region. We know our region and our companies well, and we know how to communicate across borders; both geographical and disciplinal”.

Many companies have made great progress thanks to BRGs knowledge of the region and its opportunities. One example is the European start-up Verde Biopharma, a small developer of pain-relieving pharmaceuticals. Verde Biopharma connected with BRG and Iris Öhrn at an early stage, which was crucial for the company’s establishment in the region, both as a partner in collaboration and as a developer of new pharmaceutical treatments.

Now and the future

The Gothenburg region is currently characterised and distinguished by greater investments than ever before. Looking at it from a long-term perspective, current developments will benefit all of Sweden and even Europe when it comes to better and safer healthcare products and services. BRG is on the cutting edge and is constantly looking for new opportunities to elevate not only the Gothenburg Life Science cluster but the Swedish and Nordic Life Science regions as one large community.