Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Life Science 2021

The task of developing the healthcare systems, technology and treatments of the future requires a much sharper focus on facilitating collaboration across borders. Not only geographical – but across disciplines as well. Gothenburg has a strong and growing Life Science cluster which deserves to be highlighted from a national point of view.

New life science investment company Gobia Enterprises is making a difference

ABIGO Medical has been a pioneer in infection prevention creating the innovative wound care technology Sorbact® that is sold in 65 countries. Co-founder Jan G. Smith is now starting a new journey with the life science investment company Gobia Enterprises.

Co-founder Jan G. Smith.

When entrepreneur Jan G. Smith co-founded ABIGO Medical his mind was set on creating something new and ground-breaking in healthcare. The main goal was not to build something that would generate enormous amounts of revenue, but rather to make a difference and create a positive impact in people’s lives. Today, the Gothenburg-based company ABIGO Medical is the perfect example of this.

“From the very beginning, we worked hard to establish a new way of thinking in terms of business. We had in the initiation of ABIGO Medical managed to combine the development of advanced products and a strong international approach. This is the very same principle that we are now using to build up my new venture, Gobia Enterprises, which is an investment company and at the same time a developer of new innovations to revolutionise healthcare”, states Jan G. Smith.

For those who want to make a difference

Gobia Enterprises has invested in promising venture companies. Advanced technologies, state of the art research and a strong international focus are some common denominators for all of the projects and companies that are supported by Gobia Enterprises. Jan G. Smith stays true to his principles and standards through this approach.

“Our business model is based on long-term goals and achievements that actually create more value for patients as well as the healthcare system”, says Jan G. Smith.

“In order to be the best, we must have the best expertise. We can only attract the very best expertise if we can offer an attractive and inspiring place to work. People want to make a difference, and we give them the opportunity to do that. We have successfully created a company culture where we see each individual and reward hard work. This is very evident in ABIGO Medical, and Gobia Enterprises is a company built on the same values”. 

If you want to make a difference, you should take a look at Gobia Enterprises and its subsidiaries.

New Swedish pharmaceutical company

Circius Pharma is a pharmaceutical company founded under Gobia Enterprises. Circius Pharma is largely based on knowledge from ABIGO Medical and has several decades of research as a basis for its continued development in pharmaceutical treatments.

Jan G. Smith does not want to reveal exactly what they are working on right now at Circius Pharma, but that it concerns advanced substances and technologies for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

“We are building up an interesting Swedish pharmaceutical company right here in Gothenburg, with strong international potential and advanced products”, he says.

Circius Pharma is likely to become yet another strong stakeholder in the Gothenburg Life Science cluster, just like ABIGO Medical.