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Life Science 2021

The task of developing the healthcare systems, technology and treatments of the future requires a much sharper focus on facilitating collaboration across borders. Not only geographical – but across disciplines as well. Gothenburg has a strong and growing Life Science cluster which deserves to be highlighted from a national point of view.

TENA SmartCare can help to improve quality of care dramatically

Essity has one of the world’s widest product ranges in personal hygiene and health. In addition, several of the products are world leaders in their categories. This includes TENA, which constitutes an entire product family of modern incontinence pads.

Axel Nordberg, Global Director IQ Solutions at Essity.

Incontinence protection is not only used by the elderly, but care for the elderly constitutes a large customer group for this type of product. Elderly care is, like so many other care areas, overloaded, and in great need of new aids that can streamline but at the same time maintain good quality throughout the care chain.

Using technology to increase human presence

In healthcare, there are routines for when and how absorbent products should be changed. The best of goodwill goes a long way, but with the help of the right technology, the change can be optimal. That is why Essity has developed TENA SmartCare, a digital tool that indicates when absorbent products should be replaced.

“Technology itself is a tool for meeting new needs in healthcare in an efficient and safe way. If we can also increase the quality of care, it is even better. This is our vision with TENA SmartCare and I daresay that we with the help of new technology can improve the quality of care dramatically”, says Axel Nordberg, Global Director IQ Solutions at Essity.

For healthcare and nursing homes, lack of time is one of the biggest challenges. The time currently spent checking incontinence protection with each and every patient can be better used elsewhere. With the help of TENA SmartCare, which indicates when changes should take place, it is possible to free up time that can be spent on increasing the human presence in everyday care instead.

The staff as well as patients experience a big difference with TENA SmartCare, according to studies done at nursing homes in southern Sweden. Some advantages that has been seen globally are fewer replacements, fewer leaks and fewer heavy lifts. For patients, TENA SmartCare provides the opportunity for better integrity and better night’s sleep, among other things.

Not only nursing homes

It is not only nursing homes and other healthcare institutions that can benefit from the technology. TENA SmartCare can be used to a great advantage in home health care and relative care as well.

“For people who care for their relatives, TENA SmartCare provides greater peace of mind in everyday life. As a relative, you want to be able to provide the best possible care, but there is often a lack of nursing education. Digital tools can really make a difference here”, explains Axel Nordberg, and concludes:

“The technology behind TENA SmartCare has been developed over a few years and is now being adapted to a larger target group that includes healthcare, nursing homes and home care.

Studies show that our technology makes a big difference in everyday life for healthcare professionals, relatives and not least the patient. We look forward to developing TENA SmartCare further”.