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Giant leader in outsourced peptide manufacturing

PolyPeptide is a Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) focusing on proprietary and generic GMP-grade peptides used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies in approved pharmaceutical products, drugs in clinical development as well as in generic products.

Raymond De Vré, CEO of PolyPeptide

PolyPeptide today manufactures around one half of all currently approved peptide drug substances in the world. The PolyPeptide Group manufactures a range of peptide-based generics at commercial scale for the human and veterinary market, produced on an industrial scale following the GMP’s.

Since its beginning in 1952 in Malmö, PolyPeptide has manufactured over 1000 GMP peptides. It offers the knowhow to develop the most efficient protocols in designing a cost-effective production approach for the increasingly complex peptide molecules used in innovative drugs. The key is to scale up the manufactured quantities from small pre-clinical batches to more sizeable commercial volumes, always adhering to the most rigid quality standards to ensure product safety for millions of patients around the world.

Custom projects development

PolyPeptide has one site in Europe and one in the US that specialise in the collaboration with drug innovators and research institutions on early-stage development projects. Clients typically utilise PolyPeptide’s custom-made peptide service along the drug development process for lead optimisation, process development, process scale-up or impurities characterisation, whereby PolyPeptide also provides regulatory support.

PolyPeptide has 20 years of experience in producing radiolabeled peptides that are, for example, required for pharmacokinetic studies. The offering also includes individualised NeoAntigen peptides used in immunotherapy to stimulate the T-cell production of cancer patients.

A dedicated team composed of chemists for both production and quality control assures rapid turnaround to meet patient needs. With customer R&D activities for novel nucleic-acid based therapies at elevated level, Polypeptide through its operations in Torrance, California, also serves the rapidly emerging market for oligonucleotides, which is highly synergistic to the traditional peptides business.

Being the employer of choice

As a multinational company with more than 1000 employees, its diversity brings breadth, depth of knowledge and experience to the Group. PolyPeptide has grown organically and by selective acquisition of existing expertise, culminating in its position today as a leader in outsourced peptide manufacturing.

Raymond De Vré, Chief Executive Officer of PolyPeptide, commented: “People management is key to our success. With extensive hiring efforts ongoing to support growth, we aim to further strengthen our processes to hire, onboard, train, reward and develop talent across the Group. We have an opportunity to position PolyPeptide as an employer of choice within our industry, building on our integrated strategy and leveraging our unique collaborative and inclusive corporate culture with the values of Innovation, Excellence and Trust.”

Dating back to 1952, PolyPeptide today has a global footprint of six GMP-certified facilities in Europe, the U.S. and India with a mission to create customer satisfaction and foster long-term customer loyalty through excellence in peptide technology, quality, value, service and customer support.