Fre 19 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

The best starting point for visiting Medicon Village

Located at the heart of Lund, close to the botanical gardens, the city centre and the university, Hotel Planetstaden Lund Best Western Plus offers the best starting point for anyone visiting Lund and its vibrant Life science cluster.

From Hotel Planetstaden, everything in the city is within reach

Lund is a very important part of the Medicon Valley region. Being home to Medicon Village, where a lot of companies in Life science thrive, Lund has the potential to become Sweden’s and even Scandinavia’s capital of medical technology and pharmaceutical development.

Heading back to normal

For Hotel Planetstaden, the presence of Medicon Village brings a lot of international guests. After two years of restraint, Hotel Planetstaden will open all operations and again welcome guests from all over the world.

“We see that we are heading back to our usual state, with more frequent bookings and more requests for conferences and meetings. We also see that people in a greater extent are looking for experiences to combine with meetings. We have a lot to offer in that context”, says Krister Nilsson, CEO of Best Western Plus Hotel Planetstaden.

Heading back to normal means that Hotel Planetstaden will re-open its generous spa area, including a large whirlpool, relaxation area and an adjoining state-of-the-art gym. In addition, the extended Food Court including the live stage will also re-open this year.

“We are most proud of our newly built spa and its unique concept. It is the perfect retreat after intense conferences and meetings. In conjunction with the re-opening we will have various offers connected to the spa and combining it with conferences and so forth”, Krister Nilsson continues.

The place to be

Hotel Planetstaden is a fairly large hotel in the central parts of Lund, with 147 standard rooms and 46 long-stay apartments. The apartments have furnished and glazed balconies, and are perfect for guest workers, international liaisons and partners from overseas visiting the companies in Medicon Village, for example.

From Hotel Planetstaden, everything in the city is within reach. The communications are also excellent for moving further through southern Sweden and the entire Medicon Valley region. From Lund it is possible to travel through the region and all the way to Copenhagen by train, making it the place to be when it comes to sustainability as well.