Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Circius Pharma is a “New” Swedish company with development in both medtech and pharma

The company is named after a powerful northern wind. Founder Jan G. Smith appreciated the symbolism of being a northern firm and growing like a forceful northern wind.

Founder Jan G. Smith

Over 30 years ago, Jan G. Smith founded Abigo Medical, a successful company also known worldwide thanks to its unique wound care product Sorbact. Jan now transfers decades of knowledge to Circius Pharma, a family owned company, and is viewing the future with high expectations.

Both medtech and pharma

Circius Pharma is a young company, but it is based on decades of experience and contacts in the life science industry. In connection with having sold Abigo Medical, Jan G Smith last year acquired its pharma division, now active under the name Circius Pharma AB and wholly owned by Jan G.Smith.

The takeover includes all related products and the experienced staff. The company is located in Askim, Gothenburg.

“We thus have a “new” Swedish pharma company with long experience in both R&D, marketing and being internationally active. It is essentially the same road we travelled with Abigo, and I see it as a big advantage and a head start that we already have the experience from having done a similar trip before”, says Jan G. Smith.

Circius Pharma has now established subsidiaries in both Norway and Denmark, and thus covers the Scandinavian market. Apart from its existing products, both in medtech and in pharma, Circius also has an interesting product program under development.

Strong development environments

Apart from establishing and building up Abigo Medical, Jan G. Smith was also one of the initiators of the start and development of Sahlgrenska Science Park, at a time when there were no other similar development environments in the Gothenburg region.

“I believe in establishing and running strong development environments where innovations can grow”, says Jan, who was chairman of the board of Sahlgrenska Science Park for the first 13 years.

Furthermore, together with one of Germany’s largest pharmaceutical associations, Jan G. Smith was also instrumental in founding a successful European pharma association, Eucope, with office in Brussels. Eucope is today a strong voice promoting the interests of European life science companies. Jan G. Smith remains chairman of this active association from start-up 14 years ago.

All this creates an interesting large international network that benefits Circius Pharma. Jan G. Smith also owns and runs the parent company Gobia Enterprises, which invests in innovative and promising companies primarily in Life Science. Gobia has so far invested in 10 interesting Swedish life science companies.

What are the main success factors?

“During the first year, Circius Pharma will have a turnover of over SEK 100 million. This is thanks to an experienced staff and a well-established products portfolio. It is a good starting position for the company, which now is focused on expansion, internationally and in the Nordic countries. R&D is also a key word for Circius Pharma”.

Any thoughts on further growth?

“Circius Pharma will continue to grow at a brisk rate. We do not see the company as a start-up, even if it is newly founded. This is thanks to the history and all the competence we already have accumulated from our time at Abigo Medical”.

How about the parent company?

“For Gobia Enterprises, we have interesting investments. We invest long term and are not chasing the easy short-sighted buck. What we mainly look at is the company’s uniqueness, as well as potential in delivering benefits for care and health”, says Jan G. Smith.