Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Mölnlycke Health Care new Founding Partner for GoCo Arena

GoCo Arena is a community for collaboration and innovation within GoCo Health Innovation City. GoCo Arena was founded just over a year ago, and has hosted many interesting events since. The idea is to bring academia, industry and public sector together by providing common ground for future collaboration.

Josephine Urbath, Project Manager.

The initial founding partners of GoCo Arena are AstraZeneca, Wellspect Healthcare, Fujirebio Diagnostics, and the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg. During 2023 a fifth founding partner will join the team, the prestigious Mölnlycke Health Care.

Mölnlycke Health Care will be moving all of its Gothenburg-based operations as well as the headquarters to brand new offices in GoCo Health Innovation City at the end of 2024.

GoCo Arena is a creative community platform also defining the culture within GoCo Health Innovation City. Exchange of knowledge and ideas where collaborations and common ambitions are at the core and sets the foundation for jointly driving force to important topics and the development of life science in general.

“Our ambition is to gather different actors from industry, academia and public sector to build a strong collaborative platform. We believe that new ideas are born from unexpected dialogues when people start to share experiences and thoughts. In turn, this leads to new unthought-of constellations and collaborations. To have Mölnlycke Health Care joining as Founding Partner is important to GoCo Arena and the development of the cluster. We now look forward to accelerating the power of innovation together with all our Founding Partners”, says Josephine Urbath, Project Manager at GoCo Health Innovation City.