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Experience Lapland’s most amazing destination during all seasons

The natural phenomenon Jockfallet is one of Lapland’s most spectacular experiences. The cascading waterfall of nine meters is also a valuable resource for creative entrepreneurs. It is here, in Överkalix and near the waterfall, that the Landin family has been running an expansive business for many years.

For everyone who visits the area around Jockfallet and the powerful Kalix river, an unforgettable experience awaits. Based on the unique values of the location, the family company Jockfall Turist & Konferens offers comfortable accommodation as well as guided tours around the area.

The relationship to the river and the journey ahead

Members of the Landin family, which consists of spouses Ann-Sofie and Hans Landin and sons Robin and Ronny, all have a special relationship with the river and the mighty waterfall.

“One of our main attractions is salmon fishing during the summer. A challenge so far has been to develop our destination during all seasons. The waterfall does not freeze, and thus there is a great reason to travel all year round. During the winter, in addition to ice fishing, we can offer exciting activities such as dog sledding, snowmobile driving and snowshoeing, among other things, says Ann-Sofie.

Jockfall Turist & Konferens attracts guests from all over the world.

“We are in constant development to broaden our business”, continues Ann-Sofie. “For us, the development of our facilities is also about developing this unique place which is our home and which we are all personally completely committed to. We are very hopeful about the future and our continued journey as we continuously develop our business as adventure experience guides and top-class accommodation”.

Developing the destination 

Jockfall Turist & Konferens has carried out several major investments in recent years. Today, cabins of various sizes are offered during all seasons, and there is also a campsite adjacent to the main facility which comprises of a hotel and conference building and several luxury cabins. There is also both a sauna and a jacuzzi that all guests can enjoy.

The restaurant has been further expanded in 2021, with a glazed terrace that enables dining under the northern lights. It is unique to the location and to the expansive facility of the family business. The uniqueness of the place is also used to develop new dining experiences, first launched during the fall 2021 and redefined during 2022.

“All our dining experiences are very atmospheric and people from all over Europe come here to experience the uniqueness we have to offer when it comes to food as well”, says Ann-Sofie.

At Jockfall Turist & Konferens, all meals are served with a little something from the surrounding forest. The menu ideally features a lot of game, berries and mushrooms. For many visitors, these are ingredients that are scarce at home and that give the whole experience an exciting and characteristically northern element. It is also something that makes the destination totally unique.